PS5 Release Week


I loved Snake. Actually found an app that let me play it again earlier this year.

As a teen I played Tetris (enjoyed, but never very good), space invaders, and a bat & ball game (I’ve seen it called scratch pong, but that wasn’t what we knew it as then). When allowed access to arcade machines (can only recall one week in my teens with this!) I loved Pacman - and that’s another I found an app for this year.

My Dad and brother (and my fella) played Elite on the BBC computers. Even if I’d been interested I’d never have got my Dad and brother off to let me have a turn. It was enough of an issue getting computer time to do college homework (I did Computer Studies ‘o’ level whilst there).

My kids shared a Gameboy and a Gameboy color. I can’t remember which game(s) my daughter had originally, but I know we moved into the work of Pokemon when I bought the color for them. And they all had Tamagotchi things.

My youngest saved paper round money to buy himself a PS about 15 years ago. That was the first real gaming machine I ever saw (and I never used it). My older son preferred xBox, and I know this is what he still has. I have a (barely used) Nintendo DS with Brain Training games. My almost-9-year-old grand-daughter is getting a Switch as a joint Christmas and birthday present from the extended family (birthday is late Jan). I’ve picked up the Pokemon game she wants it for as my contribution. The only thing I’ve ever considered was a Wii for the Wii Fit software. But having priced it up (even second hand when several years old) I acknowledged that I’d never use it enough to justify the spend.