Question (could be dumb) but


Could i use sweatcoin on a treadmill?


Right now there’s no support for Treadmills since you’re not moving on the GPS, so Sweatcoin can’t verify your steps. Sorry!


@Ashton thats right. No movement in a GPS is no registered steps on Sweatcoin.


Put the treadmill in the bed of a truck and have a friend drive you around while you walk on the treadmill. You should attract a lot of attention which could enable you to sign up folks for SweatCoin and earn some sweet SweatCoin referral bonuses. Yes, I am nuts :sunglasses:




Lol, loving the image this idea this suggestion has in my head. I can spot a number of problematic factors in application but I have a feeling that I’m now thinking too far into this :crazy_face: