Question on use of SWC


2 simple question

Question 1
A) Are bonuses as in collecting the daily bonus by watching video
B) adding/introducing new friends to join Sweatcoin
C) exercising to gain 20 SWC daily for breaker status
the only 3 ways to accumuate the 20,000 SWC needed to earn those marathon reward like 1,000 cash ?

Question 2
If I have 7,000 SWC of which 5,000 SWC is earn by myself from the 3 ways as in question 1 and I also have 2,000 SWC given to me by transfer from fellow friends for whatever reasons . Upon using SWC for any purchase or crowdfunding of charity, am I correct to say that those 2,000 SWC given to me will be the first to be use and those earn by myself will be the last to be use upon exhaustion of those given SWC ? (As marathon reward which takes years to complete can only be exchange with SWC earn by me personally)

Thank you very much for your time and attention


First answer: there are 4 ways to have sweatcoins. Buying/selling, walking, bonus and friends

Second answer: yes the ones that your friend sent will be used before your own sweatcoins


HI TitaniumGaming,

Thank you for your reply but I am doubtful regarding the buying/selling as being able to be counted as part of the 20k SWC to earn the marathon reward.
It is stated that ‘‘All sweatcoins used for the purchase must be earn by you’’ . Buying SWC from another player can be counted as ‘‘earn by you’’ ?


Oops sorry yeah to buy the big offers all of them must be earned by you so daily bonus, walking and friends