Questions for Sweatcoin


SInce I had a message removed I have some basic questions for Sweatcoin
Questions a reputable company should be able to answer

  1. Why are all the prizes basicly junk?
    A few weeks or month of something is worth zero because the companies making the offer are banking on people paying after the free period.

  2. Why are there no cash cards or cash rewards even for people with large amounts of coins?
    Is it because you have no way of paying out anything decent?

  3. Why are all your advertisers scams?
    Does anyone with a IQ higher than a turnip believe you can win hundreds of dollars playing games on your phone?

These questions have been forwarded to the police authorities in London and I have asked them to investigate Sweatcoin.

Bottom line if you can’t answer these questions, there is obviously something for Police to investigate,


Cor. Your going in mate. FairPlay to you. Hoping to
Hear some exciting answers.

@DaveUK @ISh98 @phxprods wonder how long it will be until phat one comes along vouching for sweatcoin. :rofl::+1:t2:


I am posting critical issues as well and even though that I don’t see all issues named above as that critical it really keeps me asking many times

  • why a such popular and well ranked health app with such a huge customer base indeed gets not a single serious commercial partner but only shows adds about scam -

That’s really something to think about.


My topic for reference:

I hope they will answer all those questions and will become transparent


Thats why I’d never donate to he crowdfunding. I doubt a penny goes to charity, It’s all a scam to make people use their coins.


That’s also true in a way.

Considering charity the transparency is also a catastrophe but could be fixed easily:

  • in the descriptions of the donations you hardly find what the funds are used for (example „plant trees“, ok but HOW many). And you NEVER find details about the monetary value they are intending to give for the project
  • if sweatcoin is really that into charity, yes for god sake register a simply web page and post fotos once the project is done, include a brief description what material goods and or monetary value you donated for the coins and maybe even a contact address of the project if someone wants to donate additional money

Why does everything of this company has to be so cloudy - and to be honest I like this app and see great potential - so admin please work harder on your transparency!


Same here, I really want it to work, but like you said too many things are cloudy.

Although I thank Sweatcoin for its activity motivation, I still need more transparency from it to trust it with my funds and friends which trust my recommendation.


Seems a bit harsh when basically it is a free app unless you upgrade to the paid version. I have been using the app for over 3 years now and have got some really good deals on quite a few items. I have also experienced a few problems when setting up and sweatcoin sorted it out for me. I am currently up to 12500 coins now and I use the app every day


No signs of phat one yet:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hilarious I’m sure… My views are already known to those that have posted here. So, there is no real reason to reiterate in as many threads as possible.
Would that not just be called ‘spamming’?


Actually, most topics I’ve seen so far are unique in their own way, addressing new issues and existing ones from a different perspective.

Considering the amount of topics that arised so far related to Sweatcoin issues, it most likely means that there are actually a lot of problems which were not addressed, or even ignored so far by the staff, and the topics are piling up.

The same topics are repeated over time to revive and review the addressed problems which were not solved.

So far: Fundraisers/Donations receipts, Reward systems, information on funds, bureaucratic transparency as a company, proof of delivery, situation updates on issues, and etc.

These piled up over time and they weren’t addressed properly so far, if at all.


I assume you work for Sweatcoin, If you don’t want to see topics like this than don’t open them up. I don’t want or need your opinion.


:joy::rofl::+1:t2:. Need I say more


To be honest that was actually really rude.


I don’t see how it was rude. It was his/my opinion… opinions are allowed. He/I are only responsible for what we say. Not for how you understand it.


Doesn’t make it a less rude response, but it’s true, that’s your opinion.


Sorry to disappoint but no, I don’t work for Sweatcoin.

Thanks for playing, better luck next time​:sunglasses::+1:t4:


The very essence of a forum is the voicing, sharing and discussion of thoughts, ideas and opinions. Although I might not personally agree with the entirety of every opinion posted. I try and at the very least understand the reasons for the opinions posted and respect not everybody will share the same views as I.


It’s his opinion so he’s entitled to it… you do come across as a bit of a staff memeber wannabe though mate… your Twitter was basically Made for sweatcoin. So was your Instagram. Your on here literally as soon as you open your eyes to the very minute you go to sleep. Kind of weird no…? You comment on every single thread and you reply like your sweatcoin staff…
it comes across to me your kind of begging to be… unless your being paid for vast advertisements… then I don’t see why your more or less ‘addicted’ to the forum /app. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you have a real life…?


You seem to be here more than anyone, seems like an addiction or just hating for no reason than to annoy people :joy: