Questions for Sweatcoin


I’m on the app daily, your correct. I enjoy the forum and voicing my views. Wouldn’t say hating… I just voice what I see/think…what I find most funny, is I said ‘how long will it be before phatone comes along and vouch for sweatcoin’ if you took that as me hating then you’ve got a bit of growing up to do with small issues like that and they’re classed as hating…


You got very personal very quickly.

Opinions are opinions, a point of view that may vary from one person to the next.

However, I can’t see any part of the post was an actual opinion. It was telling another user they didn’t want to know their opinion. I understand that the response was no doubt due to frustration whether it be about the subject here or elsewhere I don’t know.

I’m sure I don’t really need to point out the irony or how some might consider this to be rude.

Yes, my Instagram and Twitter were created for Sweatcoin. After friends, family and colleagues and various others who knew the state of my health before using the app and the insane difference it has made, badgered me to share my experiences to help motivate and inspire others and help others with similar mobility issues to see that there is always a possibility and share the tools that motivated my journey back to mobility and help others recognise the long term benefits and possibly ending up in the same position I was in.

No, I’m not after a job, I’ve got a perfectly good full time job thankyou and if it were not for the lockdowns, I would be working that job by day and I would be either on stage as a performing musician or in the studio recording as a session musician most nights. So yes, I do have a real life although as this is a Sweatcoin Community Forum and specific to an application, it seems a little unusual that the content of my life outside of the Sweatcoin should be of any particular interest… but thanks for asking.

I took part in this forum in a attempt to do my part in helping other people and give a little back. Not for money, not to get a job, not for advertisement revenues Quite literally, to help others get the best they can out of an application, to help motivate, inspire and encourage others to pursue their goals and enjoy regular healthy exercise. Not everything is related to reward or personal gain.

I appreciate this is probably a little far off the topic “Questions for Sweatcoin” but I hope it has at least it answers a few questions.

I apologise if I’ve somehow managed to cause anybody any offence in my response. If I have then I believe it’s probably more a matter for self-contemplation rather that attempting to raise arguments and bring a cloud over anyone else’s day.

Feel free to send me a direct message if you feel anything in this post requires further discussion or have any further questions regarding how I live my life.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Was a joke. Don’t see why everyone’s got so hurt over
My comment.


My mates been making being sweatcoin staff a bad thing
We all know what we came to sweatcoin for, and what the current staff are working for sweatcoin for


We have a common goal and should just focus on it instead of arguing
Working at sweatcoin, i would love to because i am unemployed(at the moment):joy:


Long story short: We are definitely making money for sweatcoin and making money off of it, if you are just here for a quick buck, ignore the ads and don’t whine about it. Sweatcoin can’t control the ads. If they could and they did, a big revenue drop is possible and auctions and/or marathon offers will be shut down and it will be a loss for all of us


Of course they control the ads… if your from the UK. You should remember Martin Lewis when he sued Facebook for £3M for advertising scam ads using his image.


First of all, they control their sponsors directly and the ads are controlled by the advertising agency

Secondly, the main problem comes with exactly this: who makes what.

Of course as a business they are earning money from this and we are motivated by the rewards and monetary value it may provide.
Therefore, if the company is not as legitimate as they may seem for some, they can make a run leaving you with nothing or always find a false excuse to why their rewards are limited and keep the scheme going.

Fraudulent Companies are never transparent and try to show only what they want others to see.