RE: Marathon Offers


That happened to the old marathon offers like the $1000 in cash?


what country you from


I am from Canada. I also go to Australia occasionally but not currently.


I’m in Canada too. $1000 disappeared a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will be back.


what marathon offers do you still have


Fight Camp personal gym $11,000. Light emitting wearable from AYO $4,999. 4K action camera from OCLU $8,000 sold out. What do you have showing?


I have duh 1000 dorra, duh 1000 klm holiday which i can’t use, duh samsung smart tv and duh bang olufsen headphones all for 20000
And for duh bucket list they have paris trip, disneyland trip, take to next level and see northern light from cosy igloo that range from 15550 to 19500 sweatcoins


My bucket list is also the same.


Now I feelin left out… no bucket list on my app :sob:


I doubt it will be, They have no intention of giving much away. I knew I’d never get to that point before they removed it.


I have the £1000 cash. 75inch tv. Bang and olufsen headphones. Valued at £450 but they want 16K sweatcoins for them… don’t see how that’s fair value when 20k coins are £1000? Anywho… Disney world for 5 days. Dine at the Eiffel Tower. Next level education trip. And northern lights. Only one things that apply to me is the money…

Also the fact on the four trips I have mentioned above. You have to document your entire trip via camera… then you have to give rights of the footage over to sweatcoin to use how they please. Why should I walk 3/4 years to earn a holiday then feel obliged to film it everyday. Kind of takes the concept of ‘holiday’ out of the question and more like a free advertisement


I agree with the end part, why the need to document our trip? One for the team? @Oleg @Ashton @Emma

After earning 20k coins we should enjoy the trip maybe this can be looked at? A suggestion maybe we can have a photo and this can be published on social media to raise the brand awareness further?

Lastly any sign of when the new prize pool feature is coming out? @Ashton

Have a lovely day everyone :sunny::sunglasses:

#StaySafe #EarnSweatCoins


What prize pool feature we talking of??


You can win up to 1,000 coins. It’s not been released yet. Still waiting. @Ashton


Oh wow. Is it the daily bonus ad?


Na. Something new, it’s still in testing I think? @Ashton @Oleg @Emma


I’m not too sure on this one - could you link me where you’ve read about it? Maybe it will jog my memory :stuck_out_tongue: