Real money from Sweatcoin


Hi there!
So I am so confused by this simple question - can you or can you not earn real money sent to a paypal account through sweatcoin?
Will it then be through invites only or through the sweatcoins earned by walking?


Yes it is 100% legit but there is a small hurdle you must overcome. To be able to start cashing out immediately you must earn a perk named Influencer. 30 people use your unique link to join sweatcoin plus you get 5 sweatcoins per person.


Thxx for your answer!
Alright so what happens after these 30 people? (It might be different in everyones apps Because mine says 50 invites). Will I be able to earn real money with steps or will it continue to be invitations (ie will they raise the bar and say: now invite 100 people​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


@TitaniumGaming , So after I reach 20,000 sweat coins for the $1,000, it won’t work? I have to invite a bunch of people as well?


No @Bryton_Dorsey you have to make all 20,000 sweatcoins by yourself. You can’t trade to get them sent to you


@TitaniumGaming , yes, I know that. What I ment was, after earning all the coins myself, can I get it? Or do I have to invite people to the app along with getting all the Sweatcoins myself


@Bryton_Dorsey sorry I misunderstood but yeah you can get it and you don’t have to invite anyone.


Okay, cool! Thanks :joy: and it’s all good. I worded it weird. Again, thank you