Really SWEAT-coins?


I wish sweatcoin app could measure running steps. For God’s shake, the app is called SWEATcoin, not WALKcoin but it only can count walking steps and not running steps.


Hey @Losentetre, sorry that you have trouble with running. We are definitely count running steps, not only walking. Let us know your username on the app and if you can briefly describe how do you wear your phone while you’re on your run, it will helps us a lot to improve our algorithm. Thank you.


My username is @georgeporfyrides (George Porfyrides). While I am running I hold my smartphone (Xiaomi 7A) at my left hand. The number of steps I do running is between 2000 and 15000 but only a small fraction of them are counted, 1% or less.


Is it possible to put your phone in the pocket and do another run and let me know how it was?


Also, my second advice would be to close the app and forget about it while you are on your run. Do your runs and let us know which time of the day you did your runs and I will take a look how it has converted and if there were any issues.


This is not possible because my running clothes do not have such pockets. It’s also not comfortable to have such bulky devices on you while running.


I no longer carry my smartphone while I am running cause it proved needless. I will carry it tomorrow for 5 minutes slow run after my main running and I will let you know what time this is going to take place (morning mainly - Greece time)


Just try not to open the app beforehand and afterwards. And let us know exact time of your 5 min run.


Just finished running, it was about 12.5 minutes. Please let me know what you found out.


It calculates my runs and biking as well!!! I keep the phone in my regular pocket or if I have a pocket that is actually on my leg, I put it there!!! It may miss a step here or there but it does pick them up!!!


I did almost a week ago but I don’t see any feedback.


Good for you. For me, when I got a better pace that 8-9 mins/km, the app stops counting the steps.


Ok!!! I was only trying to help figure it out!!!


Hey @LilyLuv7531
Would I be right to think that you’ve put an extra pocket on your leg? Well, in your trousers or whatever you are not on your actual leg​:rofl::rofl:.
When the algorithm first changed I had the same problem as @Losentetre. Eventually I reasoned that was an excess bounce that was causing the problem. When you walk it’s quite a regular smooth motion not very much bouncing up and down. However, when you run, the weight of the phone will inevitably result in a shake as you bounce. I managed to get a bit more success by wearing shorts with a tighter pocket or a tighter flipbelt to reduce the possibility of extra movement so that the phone moved with the body rather than being slung round a bit more with the weight of the phone.
Recently, Amazon have started to sell men’s running shorts with a compression lining including a rather snug pocket on the outside of the thigh.


Thanks for the info. I actually hold the cellphone at my hand when I try to make the app count the steps while I am running. I tried to make it work with an arm pocket at the past but it didn’t work either. I hope sometime a sweatcoin employee tell as if we can use the app freely when we run…


Sorry @Losentetre You did mention that you were using in your hand. I have tried handheld in the past but if I’m honest, I never had any luck with carrying the phone in my hand. Most likely in my case it’s because if it’s in my hand I will look at it and if I look at it I end up messaging or browsing or gettin on with some work… basically anything except leaving the dam thing alone. I tried the armband idea but aside from being ridiculously uncomfortable, the phone just seem to swing around which isn’t a particularly natural feeling.
I have had the best success with the phone in a snug pocket and just leaving it there. Obviously that way may not be perfect or even possible for everyone. Admittedly, I don’t always get a perfect conversion but there aren’t too many occasions where I lose thousands of steps. On some occasions even after over 50miles, by the end of the day I have only ended up losing 2-3k steps. It’s only a suggestion or an idea to try out you can. A few users have tried it and seen improvements it may be coincidence, it might be just random good luck… I’m by no means an expert on this things but It can’t do any harm to give it a try​:sunglasses::+1:t4: I hope you manage to get it sorted, whichever way…


I appreciate the time you took to make the app work and share it with me @Phatt.One. What I understand so far is that the sweatcoin app doesn’t count by default the real sweat we do while we are running and it is designed to count only the walking steps. This is frustrating and I hope sometime the guys fix their algorithm. At the end lets enjoy our runings leaving alone our smartphones. Greetings from Greece!


Hey mate, sorry for not getting back with the answer. The only thing I can recommend at the moment, while we are working to improve our model for your exact use case, is to attach your device to your body somehow. Most probably all your sweat gonna count this way.


Yes that is actually what I was talking about!!! I have actually found that putting other things in your pocket also help in keeping the phone from the extra bouncing!!! We all also know that the phone tends to get too hot at times, a gel ice pack (the flexible ones that can bend around your phone) keeps it cool!!! It can also slip into your pocket and it doesn’t have to be put in the fridge (then it would cause the phone to get wet) but just sitting in a moderate temperature (cool or air conditioned) room makes it cool without the condensation to wet the phone!!!


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