Reasons why you should always use sweatcoin and stay with sweatcoin


Hello citizens of sweatcoin worldwide hope you are all enjoying the hot weather and earning some sweatcoins in this post I just wanna go over some things on why you should always use sweatcoin and keep using sweatcoin for the long term future so let’s begin


on sweatcoin it’s pretty straight forward as of today July 4th 2019 on IOS we have the main menu where we can see the sweatcoins we have earned today, a wallet page where we can see how much sweatcoin we have in total, a marketplace page where new offers appear, a cash out feature to instantly put cash into a bank ( cash out only available on IOS devices and in the United Kingdom only) and lastly a page where you profile is however if you pay specific attention to the profile page you can find very interesting stats about yourself particularly the statistics that says “total steps converted” I really love this tiny statistic although small and many people probably never noticed it I love seeing the total steps converted rack up. There are more statistics too such as seeing your steps for the week, month etc and I really hope sweatcoin could maybe expand on the statistics as To me personally it’s a great motivation bonus! :grinning:


thanks to sweatcoin your steps wherever you are and now worth somthing although not everyone is about money earning for walking is very nice :+1:.


the team behind sweatcoin are wonderful friendly people and have a lot of passion for what they are developing.


sweatcoin has a huge future ahead and has briethly mentioned it’s Long term goals for example a blockchain, being able to pay taxes, bigger rewards, new features. All this is huge and sweatcoin is being bold and also excellent with this project.


This is more of a personal reason but here in my area I actually don’t have any friends but sweatcoin has changed that although I still have no friends nearby I have met some amazing people from all over the world. Including The welsh slayer @Ashton who is a wonderful wonderful guy of course there are other amazing users such as @Ting @meowgan @Micah and many more amazing users who are very proud to be using sweatcoin and I’m very glad I can class each of them a friend even though we have never met face to face. They BREATHTAKING!!!


by using sweatcoin your exercising wether you only do 1000 steps or 100000 steps your exercising and sweatcoin rewards you to be a healthier person.

and that’s all the reasons to always use sweatcoin

Thank you very much for reading have a wonderful day earning some sweatcoin in this lovely heat :fire:


It would be nice if you started adding better rewards and bridge the gap between the premium 20.000 points prizes and they total junk at low levels


Although there is a big gap from market place rewards there are actually some very good cheap marketplace rewards my favourites being free music premium on apps and NOWTV passes I feel the offers are pretty cool obviously they not for everyone but they still good non the less


I assume offers are region based, I get garbage like paper wallets. Bottom line is they need to offer decent intermediate rewards at 2500 - 3000 to keep people usng the app.