Reassure Sweatcoin users about the blockchain


Sweatcoin users, once again, are losing faith in Sweatcoin’s future blockchain and cryptocurrency coin. The AMA about blockchain apparently has given many Swc users the sense that Sweatcoin’s blockchain is just an idea that will never come to fruition.
I don’t lose hope in Sweatcoin’s future blockchain and cryptocurrency since logically, I don’t think Sweatcoin would bother mentioning and giving insight to the blockchain on multiple websites, social media platforms, and in the app from 2018 up to now if the blockchain wasn’t going to be implemented at all.
I ask Sweatcoin Staff to once again reassure frustrated Sweatcoin users that have invested in Sweatcoin that Sweatcoin’s blockchain and cryptocurrency is without a doubt going to be implemented in the future, even if it takes a few more years.
Here are links that I found that mentions Sweatcoin’s blockchain:
Google Drive link has screenshots that mention blockchain from Discord, and from the Sweatcoin app. The links and screenshots are meant to give insight to Sweatcoin users. It is not meant to accuse Sweatcoin Staff or SweatCo of false promises or anything.


New information would certainly increase the amount of people trading sweatcoin and would be another big step forward for sweatcoin as a company


What does ‘blockchain’ mean?


This is how I describe a blockchain: Blockchain is a technology. It handles sending and receiving of coins and records all transactions. Blockchain is kind of like lots of excel sheets (blocks) connected together (chain) to form an enormous workbook file. Blockchain is what makes a “coin” a cryptocurrency.


Thanks for the explanation Ting. I will look more into it.