Removal of Leaderboard: mistake by sweatcoin


So, a recent update means there is no more leaderboard. This was an awesome feature. When I saw I was getting close to my brother’s steps, my competetiveness meant pushing a little further to see if I could beat him. Now, there is no competition. And… there is now a level you have to oay for? I’m soon going to drop sweatcoin if they keep going the direction they’re headed. The offers, for the most part, can be found outside of sweatcoin, making it nothing more than another ad. I’ve enjoyed using sweatcoin for over a year now, but again, with the direction they’re going, I might drop sweatcoin. The only thing that can redeem them is making more legitimate offers, not “offers” that are nothing more than more ads.


Hey @Torstang, CTO here. Sorry to hear that. I’ll try to explain our reasoning here and our next steps.

First of all, leaderboard in its current reincarnation was abandoned long ago (more then a year) and it wasn’t available on iOS maybe few years already. It doesn’t mean that it is bad feature, it was designed for not more then 100,000 people on sweatcoin in total and currently eats up our infrastructure cost with no return.

Second of all, design of removed leaderboard has privacy concerns, as any user might track any other user on the platform without their consent. To fix that we need to introduce whole new concept of friendship (the way you add friend and the person confirms that), however thats not what we want longterm and we doesn’t feel that we can sacrifice privacy any longer (for Android only)

Nevertheless, we cannot imagine Sweatcoin without friends competing or collaborating and therefore we currently work on new exiting concept which will allow you to compete with you brother for sure. Moreover we plan to add a lot of new mechanics and cool stuff.

Watch the space, I am sure we are going to start testing this within 2 to 4 weeks, we are shooting to start event earlier and we will need people like you to help us make it the best feature on the platform.

Hope it make sense and explain reasoning.