Resolution challenge bug means I failed February!


When I signed up to the Resolution Challenge, I gave myself an annual target of 7,000,000 steps on a FIXED daily target.

My calculations say this should be 19,178 (and a teeny bit) a day. The system said 19,200 which was close enough I accepted it, even though it adds 8,000 to my annual total!

I have previously reported that in January I was given a MONTHLY total of 583,333 steps - which I eventually figured was my 7,000,000 divided by 12. This should have been 19,200 multiplied by 31 days (595,200). No response from Sweatcoin.

I then started February seeing TWO DIFFERENT monthly totals. In the Monthly Goal panel it gave me 583,333 again, but under the monthly results it showed me 568,393. This one took a LOT of puzzling, but I finally got there.

Annual total = 7,000,000
Deduct actual steps completed in January (747,673)
Leaves 6,252,327 to complete over the rest of the year
Divide by 11 (number of months left) and I get 568,393 (and a bit).

As well as being confusing, THAT IS WRONG! The fixed daily target I signed up to is 19,200 - and that means a monthly target for February of 537,600

So February is over, and I didn’t manage as much as I might have done as I was ill for several days. But my monthly total of 540,430 isn’t bad.

HOWEVER, the app says I’ve failed to meet my target!!!

Under the Monthly Results it now shows my target for the month as 583,333 - YOU WHAT? You CAN’T change targets at the end of a month with NO warnings!!!

Yes, my actual figure didn’t meet either of the targets you gave me at the start of the month, but it DOES cover my target based on the fixed daily average I accepted at the start of the year.

I have no idea what the prize draw prize for February will turn out to be (may not even have any interest in it), and I know the chances of winning are going to be very slim. But the point is that I SHOULD have a chance of winning as I have completed my fixed daily target for the month.

Oh, and I now have two different targets for March! At least I now know to ignore the lower one below the Monthly Results table, as it’s only going to overwritten as we move into April…

(Not sure who the Sweatcoin ‘staff’ are these days, so going to try tagging a few names I remember - @Ashton @Emma @khmelev )


You are not the only one with this problem I’ve message them from settings in the sweat coin app under the tag technical issues and they keep sending me emails asking me if I want to delete my account multiple people are having this problem I followed their suggestion to delete and reinstall the app which erased all my data for resolutions I put in a new resolution goal and now I’m not showing anything from February and March it was just March to begin with I am trying every way I can think of to communicate with them the forum I’m putting a :frowning: on the market and then putting my reason as what I want changed as my resolution is broken and I’m just gonna keep doing this every day until I get a response from somebody somewhere I don’t know what else to do?


It’s shambolic!!

I used to work in IT (as a programmer, and then as an analyst/programmer), and if we’d ignored customers who were raising issues the way that Sweatcoin do we’d have been hung, drawn and quartered - before being fired.

I know that sometimes ‘features’ slip through the net, but as soon as we realised we’d either reinstate the previous proven version whilst we sorted it, or we’d have pulled out all the stops to get it fixed and re-released as quickly as possible. Even when we know Sweatcoin have ‘heard’ us (they respond to threads), they seem to have no interest in fixing things unless it’s in their interest.

They honestly don’t seem to understand the concept of ‘Customer Support’, and that’s a position NO company should be in.


I got a developer response by reviewing them in the apple app store within a day and they told me:

It didn’t work for me.


I agree with everyone above here. The 0 steps bug on resolutions has being going on for 5 days now (and mine shows March as February since 2021 started) and despite multiple complaints, here and on the app, nothing has been ever done nor has been addressed.

Their staff needs a Customer Service 101 class.
And I won’t ever forget that once I complained about my conversions being low after the force-steps feature was removed and got a “you’re stressing about things you shouldn’t stress about” answer.


I saw that response. That would have lost me my job if I’d ever said anything even vaguely along those lines to a customer !!


I know, the Customer service dept are the most shockingly awful lot I’ve ever come across. Id been in the customer service trade for years, and offered to go upto the Head Office and train them, or pay for them, myself, to go on a customer service course. All let with a deadly silence.
@khmelev hope you’re listening…


The team is aware of issues with the resolutions, we’re hoping for a fix in the next update as the team is working on the bug now.
We’re sorry for the lack of answers on this - we need to ensure that we know what’s going on before we give any solid answers!