Reward people for being in top 10%


HOW is this not a thing yet?? :grinning: :grinning:

Seems so obvious to me - would be a great and easy way to motivate people.
Just give people 5 SWC each week they are in top 10%, 8 SWC for top 5% and 15 SWC for being in top 1%. (or different amounts - the point is some reward!)

Why not?? Honestly I think this is a missed opportunity for a very low cost!

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Considering the amount of active users, it’s unprofitable and a total budget killer.

  1. I don’t think so, but ofc I don’t know the exact details.
  2. Then have smaller amounts! That’s why I said that the amounts could be lower - but something has to be done! Such a logical step.


Even if it’s something worth a dollar, which is very small, it’s not economical.

Let’s underestimate that there are 1 million active users, with top 10% making it only 100,000 users, which equals 100,000$ per week, approx. 400,000$ per month just on those rewards.

It’s a financial suicide.


I do not see this suggestion to be of any benefit to the SWC app except giving out more SWC to all the active members. Sorry if i sound offensive.

For the viewpoint that Marathon reward was replace with Auction scheme as it is not sustainable in the long run, maybe this is why Trouble Maker was introduce as an extra revenue to collect some monthly subscription although I personally think that the subscription is just too low to justify the extra SWC earned through TM status. (FYI, the free google opinion reward can easily pay for the monthly subscription if anyone is still unaware of it)

I was also wondering why a yearly resolution with monthly prize was introduce. But I guess such scheme together with the Auction scheme should be much more sustainable than the marathon payout. One with very limited payout prizes to a single selected winner among tons of global users compared to one with guaranteed payout for all users who hits 20k SWC



thanks for the responses guys. I see your point and thanks for shedding more light on this.

However I still think it’s possible. just lower the amounts. I don’t care how much - just reward me somehow for being in top10.

For some quick maths, let’s agree, from the now-gone marathon prize, that 1 SWC = $0.05. (as we know, value is probably lower now due to the cash offer being discontinued).

if you are correct in there being 1m SC users, then top 10 is indeed 100.000.

What if you get 2 SWC? then that’S 2x$0.05x100.000 = $10.000. Surely that’s not too much.
And remember, that 1SWC = $0.05 is probably an over-estimation. So it may be less than that, around $7-8k value. Doesn’t sound that unreasonable to me.


All the users, not the active users