Rodeo or bust. This just never gets old


Some times I just need attention . That’s all. Hahababa


Oh wow, congratulations! Keep going! I guess that you already have a bunch of Sweatcoins!

Btw where did you take this screenshot from? The app or email?


I’m curious too, because I’ve never seen that statics before.


I took it from the app but then had to crop it to make it small enough to post

I saw your intro post yesterday, I love the screen name. Express away. And yes please.


I found it by accident.
On the main page of the app where it counts your steps there is a little tab called “analyze “
You tap it and a neat little Analysis pops up


OK it says “analytics”

Right under total steps


I guess I don’t have that feature (yet). Do you’ve iPhone or Android?


I am on an iPhone. I’m not sure if it is limited to iphone or not. I do know the app opens feature when you advance new levelsa


Oh that’s odd. So when your average daily steps is on a certain amount you get that feature? Can you send me a screen of the tab if you want?


No not like that . Sweatcoin has has different levels of community. You advance by getting involved. Each new level comes power and responsibility