Samsung Health Sync



I’ve been using SweatCoin for almost a year now. I love the app and enjoy the crowdfunding option. I am a loyal Samsung user and therefore use Samsung Health as my fitness tracker. I have downloaded google fit so that I can earn SweatCoin for my indoor steps; however, google fit does not sync with Samsung Health. I recently purchased the Samsung Active 2 Watch and really enjoy it, except for the fact that I still have to keep my phone in my pocket so that I can continue to earn Sweatcoin.

Have you considered allowing Samsung Health the ability to sync with SweatCoin? Sync with Samsung will allow me to delete google fit so freeing up space in my phone, and I would be able to leave my phone at home when I run. I would even pay SweatCoin every month for the option Sync with Samsung Health.

Also, I am a teacher; allowing the Samsung Health app on the active 2 watch to sync with Sweatcoin will allow me to keep my phone safely tucked away in my bag while earning for all of my at work steps!!

Thank you for your consideration.:slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree with you, I have the Galaxy watch and Samsung health app running on it, and it’s gps or stepcounter is just as accurate as Apple’s overpriced and not too good looking squared gen 1, gen 2, gen 3, gen 48… I sincerely hope that sweatcoin haven’t, by some kind of stupid deal/ contract ended up under their corporate greed!
I have sent a msg to Samsung asking kindly if they can come to some sort of agreement and/or proof that their products are just as reliable and on certain things alot better, that being said, that statement probably goes both ways… Than again one the marathon offers include a Samsung 75" tv - so why only. Apple watch???


The thing is, that we cannot believe not Google Fit nor Samsung Health alone. We do take steps from Google Fit now, and we might consider taking steps from Samsung Health in future (if they allow us to do so), but we won’t be able to work when your phone not with you, as we rely on other data in order to verify that you actually move and not shake your phone or something else.


I understand that you all must verify the steps but so do all these health apps they have a specific algorithm that verifies steps so wouldn’t it be even more helpful for you guys to be able to integrate with health apps as it would lead to better and more accurate verification of steps. I purchased my Active Watch 2 today because I thought I’d be able to get Sweatcoin without having to carry my very nice, yet bulky Note 10+ around and was very disappointed to find out I couldn’t.


Unfortunately your basic assumption is wrong. We have completely different goal in mind comparing to Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei etc. Their goal is to capture as much steps as possible given all possible circumstances, and they has no reason to fight against shaking. Lets imaging that you setup your daily goal on your Samsung device and then shake all the steps in order to achieve this goal, do you think you made any harm to Samsung? For sure not, the only harm you made is to your own health and therefore detecting shaking is not something that they care about. We, on the other side, care, because we give incentive to our users and we can see that a lot of people trying to cheat us and diminish overall value of Sweatcoin.

So, my question is, would you rather has sync with Samsung and no incentives from Sweatcoin whatsoever, or you’d like to still has incentive but with a bit more discomfort like absence of sync with Samsung Health? It’s that simple, if we allow it, there will be no value in sweatcoins, because all the value will be taken out of the system by cheaters.

In regard Active Watch 2, I do personally use them as well. It is worth checking beforehand if something that you’re going to buy is supported by the app you are willing to use it with. Sorry to hear, that you bought it exactly to use with our app. We’ve never claimed anywhere that we support Samsung watches. The only watch we support currently is Apple Watch.