Scam Tranya Email


Hi all just received an email supposedly from Tranya saying if I don’t win the Ear Buds reply to the email to be involved in a trial.
The email addy does not appear to be an official Tranya one but a fastmail one for someone called Yokin.
Sweatcoin can you put a warning message up
Forum members stay safe don’t reply to it


Thanks Dave - appreciate the heads up on this.


I received this too. It looks like our email addresses have either been sold or lost by Sweatcoins or Tranya without our consent.

I’d be interested to hear Sweatcoin’s opinion @Emma ?


Possibly an unscrupulous employee of either trying to take advantage ?


Hey @DAVID818166 Could you please DM me a screenshot of this email?
We’re going to take a deep look into this and find any issues - I assure you, we have not sold or used your email in any way outside of the app!


Here are some screenshots of the email I received:


Same one as I got which I have DM’d
Not good hopefully no SC member has been scammed.


It looked risky to me as soon as it mentioned that you needed to have an Amazon and PP account and ‘follow our steps’! Particularly as you can’t use PayPal on Amazon.

I haven’t seen a warning appear on the Sweatcoins app, but there is another Tranya offer in the SC shop today…


Thanks for getting back to me!
I’m following this up with our marketplace team to get to the bottom of it - David I’ve DMed you to get some more info to speed this along :slight_smile: