Seasonal linked Sweat count



I think the app should be able to detect weather conditions and apply a different step count whenever there’s 30+ degrees centigrades or below 0 degrees.

It does feel fair being rewarded more steps if you’re walking in tough conditions as it could be a day with 40* like the ones we’re lately having in Milano or below 0 like the ones there are most of the time in Nordic countries.


That’s an awesome idea! Like a bonus for walking in different conditions :slight_smile: Maybe a developer will see this thread :wink:


Happy to hear you like it Ashton :).


yeah i like that sounds good more creativity from the developpers keep it up


True, I work outdoors at a ski resort during winter time, I spent 6-8 hours a day on the snow and it would be crazy to still go out for a walk to earn more scoins in the freezing dark night, I also am in Vietnam right now and it’s an average of 32°, me and my friend are walking out just for exercise, and specially me making sure I get my 5scoins every day, I get them most of the days in a little more than 1 hour, I could be going out at least 6 hours during the whole day, but I got not motivation to get a subscription for the next levels since my friends can’t download the app cause sweatcoin app doesn’t allow them to do so.