Shatzii Ear Buds


How does purchasing an item work for processing? How long does it typically take to receive the product after purchasing, coming from stateside or international?

I purchased this item the night before Valentines Day. The website says the item will be shipped out of San Francisco, CA. I live in Hawaii. I’ve never had something take this long coming from the states. International, yes. On my order receipt the status has not changed.

Is this a common issue when purchasing something from sweatcoin?

It’s a little frustrating to purchase something and still haven’t received it. Yes it’s been two weeks (3 weeks Friday) but again coming from the states with no status change or communication from the company…I can’t even call and wait 15 minutes on the phone to talk to someone…I’ve emailed the company twice with no luck (I waited a week apart from emails, surely I should have heard back) to getting a response. I emailed them on February 23 being the first time and last night (March 2) being the second time. I’ve gone back to look at the promotion to see if I missed something. There was no pre-order notification stated on the offer. There’s nothing on their website stating there’s a delay in production.

I’m at a loss of what else I can do. How do I know this won’t happen again in the future with another product I choose to purchase?

Please help.