Shaw Academy, Beware do not join


After seeing the free courses being advertised here, plus everywhere else online, my wife signed on for the 4 week trial. But she couldn’t access anything, as they said she’d have to pay to see more content, not that she could see anything in the first place. So she cancelled the trail, but after the trial ended, and despite having confirmation from Shaw Academy that it was cancelled, they still took £49.99 from my wife’s account. After 2 weeks of chasing, and 25 minutes on the phone to a guy on the phone(they phoned us eventually) who repeatedly refused to give back the money, and kept offering only £20 back and free lifetime learning, she was offered the money back in full. But only when she said she’d report them to Trading Standards and the Police for theft of money from her account.
I repeat Sweatcoin do not EVER advertise this company again. Read there trust pilot reviews, and give your customers better companies to deal with