Side companion app on oculus quest/quest 2


I think it could be neat if sweatcoin offered some form of companion app on the oculus quest 2 and/or 1. I haven’t really seen anything like sweatcoin on vr in general and with them unvailing their new move fitness tracker, i feel as though alot of new people are going to be coming to vr for fitness. Open to ideas, maybe based on the calories lost or something.


Hey @Coolerthanyou04, thats indeed a good idea to think of. I am personally not a VR user, would be cool to hear your thoughts of what it could be. I am struggling to imaging walking in VR, maybe on treadmill though, but seems like very complicated setup for regular person, and doesn’t seems safe :sweat_smile:


I would love to have this feature but don’t release it yet, i still haven’t got a vr headset


I love the idea of this but to be honest, I have done a few experiments with VR exercise on a treadmill as well as the obvious gaming side.
Although I love the idea of adapting exercise into the virtual space. In my experience using VR and a standard treadmill is that it possibly the most dangerous use of VR imaginable. The VR environment concept completely removes the users awareness of the outside world. If you are on a moving surface (treadmill) even at low speed it is far too easy to step slightly out of line and end up over the side or if you try and move slightly faster than the treadmill setting, the user can step on the stationary motor cover and end up flat on their face (been there, done that). Obviously there are a host of other dangers involved too.

Once omni-directional treadmills become a consumer product, with waist harnesses, smart speed control etc. It might be a little safer but at the present development level, the VR walking platforms operate using ‘slippers’ and is only marginally safe for slow walking, strafing etc.

The MR/XR environment would be a lot safer as there would at last be at least an awareness of the surroundings. However, it would take away a lot of the realism of an alternate reality.

Just my opinion after messing around with the idea.