So just bought the promo code for Ogarden.. :( (smart garden)


So i just bought the ogarden promocode worth 995 dollars for 8000 swc… i got redirected to a website with the link but i can’t see anywhere on the website where i am supposed to buy the product, the only thing i can do is sending them an email, but they won’t answer me, im a bit frustrated… with a quick google search i und a website called but i don’t know if that is the website that im supposed to use to order from? beacuse as i can read on the website it’s not the real distributor (Reseller), and that website only delivers to Canada and the US… Im from Europe (Denmark) can somebody from staff help me with this? @Oleg @Emma


Just tried the promo on didn’t work… So im totally lost now, what to do!? my promo code will expire soon… :frowning:


I just did a little reseaarch, seems like Ogarden, has become bakrupt!! can be read on the kickstarter page under comment section… so all the backers lot their money, why is this deal still at the sweatcoin store…!! what a huge scam! i wan’t my sweatcoins back! :frowning:


Try here: Sweatcoin app-setting-Help-contact us-choose your problem-i want refund.
I dont know work or not but try!


And here we go again!


Thank you for your post here.
This company unfortunately did go bankrupt a little while back and the offer was re-uploaded to the marketplace in error.
Anyone who purchased it, please let us know you username and we will refund in full!
Sorry for any inconvenience this caused!!!


Did you reach out to our support team to receive a refund? If not, please let me know your username and I’ll refund you right away! So sorry about this.


My username is Bom92


Make sure to provide him with clean steps (Non-transferred)