Something isn’t right here


The auctions haven’t been going long and the chances of winning are slim. Surely it’s not just me things it’s odd 4 winners have suddenly appeared on the forum all of a sudden!

The bidding history looks inconsistent with how auctions usually unfold to.



I’m not a bot lol I’ve joined this forum since winning the ps5 to hopefully show if sweatcoins is legit or not.

Oddly since I’ve won. I’ve had so many people give me coins asking for sweatcoins? I’ve spent most of them now lol don’t people understand you have to earn the sweatcoins too?


No mate. We have a right to question. Every single winner has joined the ‘forum’ to show its ‘legit’ every single one of you have said you’ve joined the forum to see if it was legit or a scam. If you was so curious to it being legit you wouldn’t bid your whole purse on it. Show me a screenshot of your earned coins and the date you joined.


Why Wudnt I bid most my purse? If it’s a scam the coins are worthless anyway lol it’s free money regardless just for walking 16 miles a day at work. Granted I’m off this week so it’s only been 4 miles a day with me little cocker spaniel



Figured it out at long last


Thankyou. Just makes us sceptics minds at ease. As you know. It’s hard to judge anything by a book cover so once you read a few pages you kind of feel at ease. Either way in this respect it was you showing us a screenshot. So thankyou graham enjoy your PlayStation 5 ya jammy mug :joy::+1:t2:


Haha no worries at all. I’ve joined this forum just to post if I actually get the machine or not. Let the 29 days wait commence lol


I would add to Kyle’s congratulations and appreciate you putting our minds at ease. Enjoy the PS5 and hopefully one day will be us enjoying such a great reward.

As with anything online there is always that element of doubt but you and the other successful auction winners have shown it can be done.

Have a good weekend.

PS Hope you told those asking for free coins to earn their own like we all have to!


@DaveUK totally thought the same thing.
The “I’ve been here for years, and won the Auction, and only just joined or found the forum” Is total BS.
The winners, are all unable to upload there pics(which is a regular problem for all that aren’t good at tech, SW should make it easier to upload pics on here) which is handy for SW!!
I smell a fish and it stinks


Agreed. And strangely we don’t hear much from admin anymore - probably because they have to post the fake messages of the „auction winners“ which is time consuming :joy:

Would be funnier if they would not capitalize on our subscriptions and ad revenues…


We don’t fake any winners or accounts here - Every winner is public on the app and you can check it yourself with their earned sweatcoins on iOS.

Where these “winners are bots” claim come from I don’t know - there’s certainly no proof (as there can’t be, the winners are real!)
There have been numerous winners who have received their prizes already and we’re sending out more as soon as we can.


Ok, your straight reply has to be truly honored here, many thanks.

However (and I am using iOS) one cannot check the winners anymore since the new update disabled the ability for us to click at the users profile. Without that we are unable to find the user behind the auctions.

Would highly appreciate to remove this block (as well as the missing step conversion section within the new layout…)

Best regards


Freedom of speech and all that. Can be allowed to comment my opinion whether people like it or not no?
Either way. I don’t see why it’s been patched the fact we can’t view a bidders profile no more


Relax guys, it was bug in the release, we just didn’t want to delay release with such a minor bug, there was some important work which helps us to move faster in our work. It will be there in next update (already pushed to AppStore btw). You can see, that name is still tappable… clearly a bug.

I have to warn last time everyone who reads this thread and make claims like “absolute crap app” or “scam app” or “auction bots” etc without any prove. I’ll personally ban next time on this forum anyone with such a claim with no prove. If you don’t believe in this app, why using it? I believe there are tons of such app, go ahead and use them! Why bother with our? We are definitely don’t want to reward such people.

We have never had any “smart” algos, bots, etc. to fool our users. Moreover, I believe we are the only one company on the market which is genuinely care about making people healthier (which is actually our mission). We are not earning gazillion dollars and has been affected by Covid a lot (wonder why? people stop walking in lockdown!), still trying to do our best to reward you guys. So please, be respectful.


Thankyou for you reply.


Also thank you from my side for this clear words!

It’s helpful that admin is bringing light into this latest user discussion :+1:


Hello, I’ve not seen you on here before.
Being a person who just doesn’t get technology, well I only have to look at it usually, and it stops working!.
But in the case of your company you work for, and knowing how it all works. My question is, why are we always being told there is a bug when there’s a new update or at other times,why can’t this be tested beforehand to iron out any such issues. Why as customers(and theres alot of paying customers now,with the TM) are we to suffer with these issues, that cause us lost step conversions on a fairly regular basis, and to receive no compensation for lost coins rightfully earned.
I like the idea of the App, and am a TM paying customer, so as many others, I find it frustrating, that we get the brunt of the issues without proper compensation or apology.
I worked in a customer facing industry for years, and trained people how to interface with the public. I would suggest, the company listen and look to improve the customer service dept. You should be bending over backwards to please us all.
Now I hope I don’t get banned for this!!! If I do, I want a refund!!
While you’re here, could you show us where we find the winning videos we’ve been promised for several months now, for us to see how the people won them, and how they got on.


However, I have to add a clear - BUT - to my former reply:

The reason why users are bothering with THIS app is that unlike most other apps you are mentioning, sweatcoin is charging money from their customers, which is critical in the course of customer protection.

And taking a look at the history of this app there clearly have been signs what make users cautious:

(1) The impression arises that in early years users have been lured into this app - and later on into a paying subscription by showing juicy rewards which were replaced when a broader user base was getting close to it

(2) It is fully unclear how many users have auctions now and whether the payout ratio of them (~ 500 to 700 USD every 48 hours, but for what customer base, the total 50m?) is nearly fair compared to sweatcoin incs revenue from users

(3) Travel rewards have been advertised where we don’t know whether they really existed

Therefore even though that I also don’t like a harsh tone like scam or other things that we heard in this forum, there simply are issues that users can be concerned - and looking at latest AppStore reviews one can see that this is not only the opinion of one or two users in this forum.

Therefore I kindly recommend not to respond with aggressive tone like banning people but to work hard on the transparency (latest example: if there was a bug for clicking on profils, fine no worry, but why didn’t you tell that after some of the the first users posts but let this escalate for nearly 10 days until your post…) since this is the only way this company can exist in the long run, while otherwise paying users most likely will turn away.

Best regards


Ok, let me shed a bit more light.

First of all, we are not forcing anyone to being paying customer, nor we are promising to paying customers that they will become rich, or their conversion magically become 100%. The only thing we communicate for TM is 50swc/day at double speed + some perks. If app didn’t work for you (like a lot of Android devices, and its not us who cannot develop, each company which app need to work in background face similar issues) it won’t work for you with TM. I am not saying we are not working on it, but its pretty damn complicated thing to resolve. By the end of the day, if it doesn’t work for you in the first place, do not expect to pay for TM and ask us to resolve it because you’ve paid, it doesn’t work like that. We never lured anyone on the app, again, if you don’t like it, go and fine better deal. If you think TM is not working for you, go and ask for refund.

Next, I am not sure how you come up with the idea of 50m customers paying us, but please, do your homework and read about retention, conversion rate, etc on different platforms. If you do it right, you’ll be pretty surprised on the numbers. I cannot reveal them for understandable reason, we are not public company.

Talking about videos, its pretty hard to even contact those people, not to mention to record a video. But you’ll see it once we do it. As I can see some of them are here, hope that they do it themselves later on once item will be fulfilled.

We definitely listen our audience a lot, and our AppStore is fine, we do not see any significant increase in bad reviews regardless of what you see (keep in mind, that people usually go to leave bad review, not good ones). What I see here, is that few users made public claims without any underlying proof and for that I am going to ban going forward. Its not aggressive or something. The only thing I ask is being respectful.