Something isn’t right here


Ok, even if I don’t like the tone of this post in full, I will keep it short since I’m not there to start an argument. Again but:

(1) Without TM it is impossible to win in auctions since paying members earn twice as fast with higher cap. Clearly no evenly fair game for all users

(2) I never said that you have 50m paying users but asked if the single auction is given to 50m users (making chances to win nearly 0 and also raising the question if the payout is fair)

(3) I never expected that you fix issues with the app asap but simply asked why some known bugs cannot be posted on a timely basis which would avoid lengthy discussions and confusion among users

That’s all I have to say, other visitors of the forum will make their own impression about the way you formulated your latest post.

Best regards
Hans (who by the way likes your app and lost a lot of weight thanks to it)


Your reasons are valid and we do all understand your point of view. However like @Hansi2019 said. You knew the app / platform was going to eventually become massive so why indicate juicy rewards and when more and more people claim them you remove such items. If it was a money issue as such for you. Why not offer lower price rewards for a smaller amount of coins. I personally enjoy the app a lot and I even had a phonecall survey with your team
Members a few years back… which I was rewarded a 20$ gift card. Anywho. As I was saying I enjoy the app and I voice my opinions probably in a way that should be worded better. I didn’t mean any disrespect or foul play whatsoever. I was indicating it’s becoming frustrating that some points are promised and are not raised clearly when asked. Thankyou @khmelev

Would just like to add. @Hansi2019 also has a fair point. There is no need for a aggressive harsh tone. We are only voicing our opinions. Not stating facts or saying this app is a scam or whatnot as I said I voice my opinions in a way which could be worded better but there’s no need to ban us for it… we only want what was more or less promised and that was marathon offers to stay and for the holiday films. Nothing more nothing less. Personally barring them two promises I’m not really fussed. Again thankyou.


So my last question is. Are we all getting banned now. Or you will if any more disrupt?


Auctions at the moment exposed to 100% of our audience and to a single pool of deals. However not everyone is paying yes, not everyone who pays use it. There are a lot of users who never paid but stick around for few years and winning now, I cannot see how it is unfair. We’ve just made auctions, and we see huge potential in it and will play around with other mechanics on top of auctions going forward giving more opportunities for active users to win something without sticking around for years. And note, I am not saying that auctions going to stay forever in the app. Calculate your probabilities and decide whether you are going to play in this game or not going forward.

We do try to notify about major bugs here, but not about minor. I’ll try to make it here next time if something similar happens again.

I am not going to ban for opinions, as I said, I am going to ban for making claims with no proof and for being disrespectful.


Really happy for you Hans that app helped you to lose weight and become healthier. This is the best reward in my opinion.


Ok that’s fair. Also so have you a time frame on when auctions are going? As in 3-5 months il have 20k if I’m right…


I was referring to larger timeframes, like few years. I am pretty confident that auctions going to stay for 3-5 months, and even for years though. At least thats what we envisioned.

I would start earlier to participate just to get an idea and who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky.


Alright that was really helpful and open, especially giving light on the auction process.

And of course it’s not unfair per se but winning requires TM more or less and one auction for the whole pool shows room for improvement given the hopefully rising revenues of SWC inc., but nothing to really complain for the moment.

Highly appreciate taking you time to answer our questions and therefore also honoring the concerns included in them.

Best regards


Would it be fairer to have auctions only open to TM users and those that dont pay a seperate auction because as said above those who dont pay are not really going to have the oppertunity to won an auction atm as bids will get higher and higher as ppl make more coin.


@khmelev No answer to my message😐
I’ve had TM working perfectly well on my phone, it’s just when you guys update the app to a new version, that I get the issues. The customer services dept aren’t any help, and I usually find after a couple of days, sometimes a werk or a month, it starts working again, with nothing changing on my end.
Im still having wrongful steps being converted, for the 2nd day on the trot :confused:


That seems
More fair a auction for TM only.


I won’t help you here @Seaside71, this is different thread, there are already multiple threads on this forum in regard conversion issue, please refer to them.

@Nodz, it wouldn’t, we are free app and we will never make any unfair play for our non paid customers, that will go against our mission. Otherwise, believe me, TM would cost you not $1/mo, but more like $10/mo or even more. Not everyone stick with the app forever, there are very few people who actually can walk that much on constant basis.


I just thought that it would work in yours and users favour,ie the TM is better prizes meaning more incentive to join the paid version and those that dont can still achieve some kind of prize because lets be honest probably 90% of users join for the reward incentive that SC offer