Something to talk about


Why was my topic " Missing steps" deleted after two days.


Anything admin don’t agree with, including people get deleted.


That’s why I screeshot my posts


This forum is meant to help users and not to get them banned or silenced.


Is it me or have @admin abandoned this site?
I’ve not seen a reply or post for a while!


@Emma @Ashton @khmelev @Oleg

You abandoned us?


I was replied to on a private message last week, so at least @Ashton is still here.


After asking me to DM him, he was replying to me privately about why I was suspended for 1,000 years and then just stopped without answering or resolving any of my issues They may as well disappear as they don’t listen to a thing anybody says. They just delete posts and people for no reason.


Don’t mean anything mate… the staff are online every couple of days. Barring @oleg they see people tag them in stuff.


Hey! Your step conversion post was deleted to avoid spam. We have a dedicated thread for step conversion issues and try to avoid new topics being made.
It’s not that we “don’t agree with you”, as we know there are step conversion issues for some people and our developers are always working on updates to improve this, and work closely with some users to gain insight into what may cause issues for specific devices.


Of course we have not abandoned you, we still love the community and everyone in it. However you must keep in mind this is a community forum, not a help/support forum. We try our best to provide you with the help you want but we’re limited in what we can do through a chat forum.


How can we contact you then.


I gave you your reason for your ban, after that there’s not much to do.
You were suspended by staff which isn’t something we take lightly, if you are suspended then the staff member will have good reason to do so, whether it’s a single incident or multiple building up.


The support tickets in-app are still the best (and official) way to receive help from Sweatcoin.
Go in-app > Settings > Help > Contact Us > Select the best fitting option so that our staff can easily help you as fast as possible and provide details.


@Ashton You havent actually given me a reason, you showed me a message that was deleted and I asked which bit of that warranted a 1,000 year suspension, as it was no worse then any number of posts I see on here every day, and I have had no other response until now. Should you at very least have responded with " I agreed with the suspension" so I knew ? Other people have been suspended for 24 hours for some extreme posts with swearwords, there was nothing in my message to warrant a suspension apart from some home truths about the new version and the fact that his message to another user was extremely rude, which just so happens to have disappeared. I assume my 1,000 year ban was an error and should have been a normal suspension, so can you tell me what the suspension was for and for how long it will last ??? The guy who suspended me should not have that ability on a public forum and if he does there should be some way to discuss and resolve. He was having a bad day and took it out on me and all his posts from that stream which were rude have been he has hidden the full story. How do I go about having my original account reinstated?


Thanks @Ashton,
I’ll take a look at that after.


Hi @Ashton,
I’ve sent a message as you suggested, they replied about something totally different using a generic message, I replied but no response.
Waste of time tbh.
Never mind. I give up.
Regards Kevin


There’s an auto reply yes, but our support staff will reply asap.
Keep in mind we usually only work weekdays, so weekend replies may be delayed.


Ah right, ok. Hopefully they’ll get back to me.
Cheers @Ashton