Speed cap problem


I think my problem is the speed cap 5km/h put by sweatcoin. Before someone asks me about it, yes, I checked everything and everything’s working as they should (as mentioned in FAQ).
My average walking speed is around 7km/h, and slowest I walk is 6km/h (unless I’m walking with other people and they are asking me to slow down every minute). I just can’t walk slow.
For example, I’m walking my dog twice a day (she’s a Border Collie and always as excited as a dog can get and she’s a fast walker too) and I see that over 2000 steps, around just 350 are converting due to speed cap. These 350 is counted as convertible because I think we slow down for her to sniff or pee (and yes, sometimes she pees while walking in peeing position!)
Also what about people running!? They can not convert their steps?
For me, this speed cap contradicts with name “sweatcoin”!
Maybe you should raise the speed cap to a more convenient, human achievable limit (not like 40 km/h) like 10,12 km/h.


Hey, umutusu. Thank you for your post and your question! I can assure you that this issue is not related to your speed of walking. If that was the case none of my steps would convert either.
To check what it might be, please open Sweatcoin app before going for your walk and then just switch the screen off or open another app to put it into background (but do not force quit it or swipe it off). Also, where do you keep your phone while on your walk?


Hi Oleg!
Like a wrote, I assured everything is how they should have.
Like you said, every time I go to walk I open the app (is actually always open in the background), I never force quit the app, and it’s also blocked to not go off! I confirm my steps with my smart band and another phone also. App counts well my steps, there’s no problem in there. On the same phone, for example, google fit also captures my walks and my route(google fit is always in background but unlike the sweatcoin app I force close it)Google fit no matter what show the route I made correctly every time.
So there’s no problem on the phone’s gps, and where I put keep my phone is apparently not a problem because again, google fit follows perfectly my route.
So i decided to walk slowly this morning and last evening. Guess what!? steps to sweatcoin conversion went up as I suspected! I even wore the same outfits and kept the phone in exact same place as always ( I tried to replicate the variables, try to be as scientific as possible)
So unfortunately I insist that speed cap is the problem.


This is most curious, indeed. To confirm this we would need to get your username on the app. Could you post your username on the app here? (It is a string at the top of your profile screen). Many thanks in advance.


username is : @umutusu
thank you