Spendable daily earnings


I have a little new suggestion for the app what I would like to share with you. What if you could buy things, donate to charities, pay your monthly subscription or send SWC to others with your daily earnings instead of your total balance.
So you can earn more SWC that day if you want to, and also buy things with it at the same time.
So for example: You walk 20.000 approved steps and earn 20 SWC. Your daily amount is now achieved, but you had plans to walk some more in the evening with some friends. You decide you want to earn some more coins, so you buy a phone case for 200 SWC. Now your daily amount is zero again and 180 SWC will be debited from your total balance. In this way you can earn some extra SWC if you already planned to buy something. Let me know what you think about it!


@Phatt.One @Ashton smashing idea!!