Spending and Saving


This idea was inspired by PayPal and got me thinking of the possiblities of how we “could” set aside SWC for later use without accidentally spending more than you need and possibly separating the SWC you earned and the SWC that was transferred to you.

What if we could form goals that you could name to transfer SWCs into? Just an idea that would make organizating swc easier and create new ideas for the use of swc.

I also like to mention something where you could have others transfer swc to selected goal using the ID-tag generated for the goal.

When you go check your sweatcoin wallet, you could have a third button that is labeled (Goals) Along side (transfer) and (spend).

Goals could have a similar look like the wallet itself, but instead it would have a button called (Create)

(Create) would let you create a goal and it would look similar to how you edit your account when creating it. Name, bio and a generator code that can’t be changed and will act like a transfer tag like when you send swcs to other users.

Once the goal is created you can click on it and two buttons called (Transfer) and (Delete) will appear.

Transfer will act like the regular transfer, but would register itself as a separate account that you can send to any user including yourself or even between other goals.

Delete will remove the goal, but if you still have SWCs in the goal it will prompt you to transfer the swc into an account.

Honestly I could make a custom image of what it would look like using Photoshop if you think this would be interesting.

Stay tuned for more ideas and suggestions!

Ting's Idea for Swc Transfer Solution

This sounds like a good idea to me. It would be so much easier to buy things without the risk of using SWC that you earned with hard work and be able to buy things with SWC that was transferred. It would also make SWC a little more interesting as you could treat it like a bank account. It would be amazing to set SWC aside or save up for something when you have multiple goals because you wouldn’t have to keep track of all of them in your mind. It would also be cool to have a way to choose whether you want to use transferred SWC or generated SWC for different purchases that let you do one or the other.


Dam someone is rolling here. I like you already! :smile: I can see your point and I think it’s a great suggestion for the devs.


I like the idea of being able to separate Sweatcoins for a specific purpose so your earned by you Swc are safe from being transferred to another user when you trade Swc.