Spending sweatcoins


I’m not entirely sure how spending,and purchasing works.
Can I purchase solely with sweatcoins.


if the item is bought only be sweatcoins - yes. U can buy 50% off some things. I bought a speaker for 800 sweatcoin three weeks ago and only paid for the delivery


in my country we don’t have any offers to buy only the marathon offers 10k+ so i have to continue for a couple of years yet, to be able to cash in :sweat_smile:


I feel bad for you, but I guess they are just starting to find partners who would work with them since the app it new. I used it for a year before I bought something with it. Good offers are rare and finish fast so I believe you have to check every morning.When the speaker got out I bought it in 9 "clockin the morning and about 9.30 they were sold out.