Stay hydrated and safe


Here in the UK it’s very hot and could see temperatures up to 39 degrees C.

Remember to stay safe wherever in the world you are in extreme hot weather


WATER is your friend you need it especially in extreme hot weather. As a guide you are normally meant to drink 6-8 cups of water a day however in this British heat I recommend you drink 12+ cups of water and also pour some over your body to coolness down.


on a hot day the best thing to do isn’t go swimming right? WRONG unless you are a very strong swimmer like myself or have lifeguards and people around supervising them it’s playboy but avoid Going into water alone.


Here in England’s we all love to get tanned in the hot weather but it’s very important to cream up and get a little shade every so often. Also where light clothing. Preferably that’s white don’t wear black (I have an a reason to wear black :wink:

Have a nice day wherever in the world you are :grinning:
If you’re in UK, France, Spain enjoy the scorching heatwave


I’ll be enjoying the heat soon :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully it lasts until the weekend - i’m out all Saturday!
Nice post, it’s important to stay safe, it may not seem like it but the Sun can be a dangerous thing :thinking:


I get temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s degree C during the summer. I wear long sleeved shirts and pants for my sun protection.