Step conversion issues since the latest release? Please read!


First things first. We’re really sorry. We are aware that some users have been experiencing step conversion issues as of recently and we’re even more aware of how infuriating this can be… So what’s the deal?

We recently launched a whole new algorithm, which converts indoor steps as well as outdoor steps. Note that this update is only for iPhone 7 devices and newer, as well as all Android devices!

And while we couldn’t be happier to see that millions of you are getting a lot more of your steps converted on a daily basis, we are painfully aware that there’s been problems for a few of our users. As with many large scale launches to millions of users, we’ve experienced a few teething pains which we didn’t foresee and couldn’t predict.

You have our promise, however, that our product and development teams are working tirelessly from across the globe to fix these problems as quickly as possible. Please bear with us, it’s going to be worth it when you’re swimming in sweatcoins! :moneybag:

In the meantime, there are some steps you can try that should do the trick.

Find your device in the list below and give them a try to boost your balance! Here goes…

iPhone 5S, 6 and 6S devices (Old Algorithm):

  1. Make sure you"ve installed the latest release of Sweatcoin from the AppStore
  2. Ensure you open the app at least once every 12 hours
  3. Try giving your device a reboot
  4. Check your iPhone Settings. Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services “ON” > Sweatcoin > Tick Never and then immediately Always (don"t ask why, but this helps to make sure “Always” is set properly) > Return to Sweatcoin
  5. If these steps fail to help, please uninstall and reinstall Sweatcoin using the same number used to initially register

iPhone 7 and later (New Algorithm):

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Scroll to Sweatcoin and make sure the switch is turned “ON”.
  2. Try the above steps (minus #4)

If these don"t do the job…

  1. Check iPhone Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Ensure Top Switch is ON > Scroll to “Health” > Ensure it"s ON > Sweatcoin Switch is “ON”
  2. Check iPhone Settings >; Privacy > Health > Sweatcoin > all switches are turned ON

Android Users:

  1. Ensure you"ve installed the latest version of Sweatcoin from the PlayStore
  2. Ensure you open the app at least once every 12 hours
  3. Try giving the device a reboot
  4. Go to System Settings > “Battery” > “Battery Optimization” > Switch to “All Apps” in Top Right Menu > Sweatcoin > “Don’t Optimize”
  5. If these steps fail to help, please uninstall and reinstall Sweatcoin (using the same number used to initially register)

If you have tried all these troubleshooting options and are still running into problems, please reach out to our dedicated support ninjas at: [email protected] explaining that you’ve tried these options and they didn’t work for you. Our development teams will then be able to take a closer look at what the issue could be and assist as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for your patience, and please pass this info around to help your fellow Sweatcoiners! :heart_eyes:

***Additionally, if you tried something that worked for you, or have any additional tips and tricks that have been successful, please share below in the comments section – sharing is caring! We’ll also happily those who can teach us something we didn’t know!

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Nice to hear from you again, Emma! Glad to see the team addressing these issues and working hard to resolve them. Keep up the good work!


Thanks @SeedMaster – we really hope these tips will help the majority of those users who’ve encountered issues with their step conversion as we know it’s been a pain for some users recently. For those that can’t be helped with these steps, we hope to get to the bottom of any outstanding issues really soon. We appreciate your patience! :raised_hands:


I have a question. I know it’s been asking several times over. But when is trouble maker coming. I’ve seen a few people wait a couple of years for this release and no news on the release dates? What is making it so long for trouble maker to be released?!

Sweatcoin completly stopped tracking steps
Introduce yourself

It’s a good question @Kyle93 – thanks for bringing it up! We will be posting an update about troublemaker shortly, so please keep an eye out for it here, but to sum up… we have been mainly focused on releasing the new algorithm (with indoor steps), and once our development teams have fixed some issues relating to step conversion problems, we’ll be able to get back to work on the Troublemaker membership. We did an a/b test of the feature, and understood that there needs to be a few changes make before we’re 100% happy to release it to all of our users. Hope this helped!

NOT properly getting steps counted

What would help is having REAL customer support, There are a lot of users wondering why you never respond to problems, SImply put start treating your users with respect or you won’t have ANY.


THIS is the garbage we get from support. OFFER REAL SUPPORT.
NOT automated reply,

Unfortunately we aren’t able to check [email protected] as often as we’d like.

If you have a question about Sweatcoin, need help getting started, have trouble using our app or are experiencing a technical issue - please visit our in app help section or help.sweatcoin as that’s the quickest and most effective way to get the answers you need.


great to see you again Emma, hopefully these issues get solved soon so the team can work on other projects hehe


Can’t wait for trouble maker! But I do have one suspicion. If we can earn 50SWC every 24hours. It will become a lot more easier to buy the big ticket items but… on the other hand. Is the trouble maker going to cost a madness sum in SWC because you can earn 50 a day? Also will the big marathon offers go from 20KSWC up to let’s say 40KSWC to make things more realistic if you work it out 365 x 50 is 18.250SWC. One year instead of the exceedingly long 4 years. As @Emma said there will be a update about this soon.


To be honest, I can’t see that there will be that many users that will actually max out 50coins a day. 52000 steps is a pretty tall order for a daily target at basically a marathon distance.


I’m sure there are plenty of people who can walk over that a day who aren’t active in the forums. J walk a average 20K steps a day. Personally i walk 1.7 miles to work and from work
3.4/ miles minimum a day. So. I’m
Hoping I get the 20K swc in 1.5 years.


@Kyle93 You are right, there are a few but I’ve been searching high and low for really active people across different running/exercise apps for nearly 3 years and honestly, I’ve only managed to find a handful who retain that level of activity on even a near daily basis. Most I’ve managed to hunt down so far have been either competitive Ultra-Runners & Ultra Trainers.

Hopefully, indoor conversion will find a few more high-steppers come out of the woodwork.

To be perfectly honest, I personally have no great interest interest in athletics or sports whatsoever. Exercise was always a curse word for me :rofl:.


Well and good, of course, and I’m trying the suggested measures to ge my steps converted again.
They haven’t been converted since tuesday - is there any way I can get those steps after the fact?

I mean there’s clearly large discrepancies between what google fit/maps and Sweatcoin have registered me doing.

Thanks for a fun app!


Sorry for any frustration here. Please understand that we have a relatively small support team, and while we try to get back to all our users as quickly as possible, sometimes we aren’t able to respond as quickly as we’d like. If you’ve tried the above steps (specific to your device) and are still running into issues, please can you DM me with your username so our development team can take a further look?


Hello Emma

I tried all these options and they didn’t work for me. My user name is @sergey107653


Just wanted to say that the changes has been great for me. It’s doubled the amount of SweatCoins I typically earn in a day. Thanks for the hard work!

As far as customer support, while I have not always received a personal answer to my queries, I have always been able to find help via the FAQs or in the community.

Thanks for the great work on the App!


Thank you for updating us – I will pass your account info along to our development and product teams right away. Sorry again for any issues – hope to get this sorted for you asap! :slight_smile:


Missing steps…Hello Emma, I have been using this app for a few days now and my steps are not being recorded. The first day that I installed the App it recorded only a few of my steps from the entire day. On day 2, none of the 9k steps I walked were recorded and today I have already walked over 7k steps and I only see 3132 on my account. I have a google fit account that I have been using for years and it tracks all of my steps. please help


Sorry for any issues! Have you tried the steps in the post above for your device?