Step Conversion Issue's


Yesterday I got 21,000 steps but only around 10,000 of them actually converted . I’m based in android and have tried almost everything to attempt to sort the issue . In most circumstances I’m getting below 50% converted .


Hi Drew, I started having the same problem a couple of upgrades ago. Someone here suggested downloading an app called GPS Status I found it on google play. I tried it and it worked well. Battery usage is minimal and my conversion rate is now always over 90 percent. Give it a try…can’t hurt right? btw I’m also android version 9. Attached is my latest screenshot of Sweatcoin conversion. Good luck.


Hiya , thank you for suggesting this . I’ve seen it before . Would you mind giving me a screenshot of the app as sometimes I have no results and sometimes I don’t … There is also multiple GPS status apps that show up .


Made by Eclipsim.


Thank you :slight_smile: is there anything I should do when I’ve got it within the app or just download it and open it ?


I am a letter carrier, and need my phone at the end of walk to phone for a cab. I am paranoid about draining the battery. At the beginning of my walk I only have the two apps open. Sweatcoins and the GPS Status. I have had no problems. When I open GPS Status, is does it’s checks, and stays in the background like Sweatcoins. Good Luck.