Step counter showing dotted lines on the 2x boost and sometimes glitching


Don’t know if I’m alone on this one but I’ve had this issue where my steps aren’t showing on the daily boost. I walked a block and realized it and then it actually glitched, crashed, and then had the start button again. I clicked start again and yet the same thing happened, but this time it didn’t crash. This is day two of this happening. Here’s a picture


Same here. But it did work in the end so not a problem.


Click on the market place then click back onto 2x boost should sort itself out.


I tried that and tried even force quitting and restarting but no luck. It worked in the end as well but it’s annoying that i had to repush start after I’d started walking. Either way, could and should be fixed @sweatcoinhelp!


try deleting the app then reinstalling it.