Step counting and conversion


Hello, I started using SC about 2 months ago. I have noticed some things about the app that have me puzzled and I would like more than a FAQ.

  1. I work as a PSA at the airport. I push wheel chairs all day. On average I walk/push between 9-12 miles on a slow day. 12-17 on a busy day.
  2. Today I had 18,786 steps counted on my device, yet i only have 6.79 SC for the day. According to the convertion rate, I am missing 12 SC. Even at a 2000 to 1 ratio I am short.
  3. I know it is counting my steps inside the airport as I know I did not do 6000 out side. So my question is, why count if you are not going to convert?
    I have told my Co workers about SC telling them it’s a good way to reward yourself by getting SC and saving up for a product you normally couldn’t afford. There is great opportunity for advertising here and at other major airports.
  4. I use the GS8. So I know my phone is compatible. Unless there is something in the FAQ I missed.
    I am paying 30 SC a month but at the rate i am being calculated, i will have to down grade when I know I could make almost 20 SC a day.
    If you could email me or something as to what you could/are doing about indoors and making sure the conversion applies. Thank you


I heard they are working on making indoor steps possible but for now it is better to walk outside

A couple things you could do to help maximise your steps is:

Make sure all your phone settings are adjusted so the app doesn’t notify you with “you are killing me”. This includes turning battery saver off. You do not want that on

If possible place your phone in your trouser pocket of closed to your feet. For me I find it more consistent tracking steps having my phone in my jeans pocket instead of having it in a jacket.

Hope that helps you a little :smiley:


The same thing is happening to me as well, shows steps but doesn’t count it.