Steps aren’t converting to sweatcoins


My steps have stopped converting into sweat coins, 15,000 steps walked today and no sweat coins earned. Why has the app stopped converting my steps?


My steps haven’t been converting for two days now. It used to work amazingly and now it has stopped. I did everything like they said to do if this were to happen and It still does nothing.


Same here, 24,000 steps today and only 9 sweatcoins to show for it.


Hey everyone! Sorry to hear this. Can you all let me know what device you’re using?


Hi, I’m using an iPhone 8


To fix the issue with conversion please follow these instructions

  1. Open “Settings” app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to section “Sweatcoin” and tap on it
  3. Tap on “Location >” on the top of the list
  4. Tap on “Never” (top of the list)
  5. Now tap back on "Always (bottom of the list)
  6. Return back to the app and it should work fine now


Didn’t work for me. I’ve also noticed that the Apple Watch app no longer works. Coin entail that there was a software release around the time this all started happening?


I have same problem i waked 8k steps and I only made 0.30 sweatcoins I m using Huawei P30.
Please let me know what to do.