Steps aren't counting


I have a problem, since the latest update over the past few days.

The last 3 days I’ve lost about 20,000 steps and it’s not a problem with my steps not being approved… They aren’t even being counted. They only seem to be counted if I’m actively turning on the app and monitoring my steps, otherwise, I can go on a huge walk without looking at my phone, with the whole thing not being counted. It’s very frustrating. I don’t want to be constantly monitoring the app.

Things I’ve tried:
-Setting the app on high power priority
-Disabling power saving mode
-turning off power saving optimization for sweatcoin
-turning of Huawei pedometer
-un-installing all other fitness apps.

Everything was working before the update, now I feel like I have to be on my phone all the time for the steps to even show up… let alone be approved, please help!


I also have problem since last update. Today all others programs showed over 13193 steps, but in Sweatcoin app i get only 10129 steps, they were aprowed, but all of them didnt converted to sweatcoins.
I think it dont count steps inside the house, because i walked for few minutes in my room to check and i didns get extra steps.


Here is what I got today. It seems works in beginning and for some reason the earned coins did not gain as what had approved steps.


Same here with my wife and I. Got 0 coins but $2.50 in 2x boost. Had to update my IOS in the middle of my walk to get it to start recording. However it now tells me I’m at the $10 max when I’m only at $5 something. Do updates get tested before rolling out? Or are we the testers?


I have encountered this issue yesterday and it is also happening today. Walked 10000 approved steps yesterday for no conversion. If then started to convert mid morning. I walked nearly twice as many steps as i would ordinarily yesterday to get the max. I have so far this morning walked 4000 approved steps but it hasn’t converted any at all


That’s funny, as I’ve lost about half my steps too. Which is about 6000-7000 per day. It didn’t seem do it immediately after the update either. Loosing trust in sweatcoin unfortunately