Steps awaiting conversion / converted (and other comments related to the new format)


So this morning I opened Sweatcoin, to be greeted with a totally different layout. (I’d seen it in Beta, and despite giving it a go a few times always gone back).

It still seems to be missing the one feature / piece of information that made me switch back, and I definitely saw mention of people wanting it somewhere within this forum when giving feedback on the new style…

I used to be able to press an ‘info’ icon, and it showed me how many steps had been converted and how many were waiting to be converted. As I’ve had days where the conversion seemed to get stuck (and I had to press to tell it to do the conversion), I don’t like not being able to see how the process is going.

Is it missing, or is it a case of my not having found where it’s been hidden?

I quite like the step history - it gives a more complete picture than the conversion history does. But as I can get that elsewhere, it’s not as important to me as the conversion process figures!

Do Apple users still have two figures for their coins (a total, and then a figure for those they’ve earned that can be used for auctions) like I’ve read in the forum they had in the older format? If so, why hasn’t this come through to Android with this reformatting? And will we be getting it in the near future? I’d love to know how many I have that I can use in auctions, as the total I can see is creeping ever closer to the figures I’m seeing as winning bids - meaning I may be able to consider bidding on something in the next 3 months or so!


If you go to the “New SWC app design” topic here in this forum you will see that a lot of users already brought this issue before to the team and they did nothing about it, and now we can’t go back to the old design.

Almost half of my daily steps aren’t being converted because I can’t force steps, I don’t know at how many steps the app automatically converts (closing the app doesn’t help like it helped on the old version), and they said only 500 remaining not converted steps would go to the next day. It’s just ridiculous. It’s horrible because I’m not a high achiever so every step counts to me.
I had 8,000 steps today but only 4,000 were counted, so I just lost half and can’t even see if they were not converted automatically.


Having had a dig, the only other thread I can find is the one that was started at the end of October - back when this design was being Beta tested and we could switch back. (That’s the thread I’d previously seen the comments about this essential feature having disappeared). Have to confess it took some finding, and I didn’t see it last night (thought it had been deleted!)

Now this design is no longer optional I think we all need to stress much more strongly how badly this feature needs to be brought back.