Steps Calculated


I need help converting my steps to sweat coins. It says I have around 3,000 steps but only converts around 200?? And they are not indoor steps either.

  1. Are you walking near trees or tall buildings?
  2. Did you cover some distance when walking outside? Sweatcoin requires covering some distance since it uses gps as well as gyroscope and accelerometer for step tracking. Walking in a small garden or yard won’t get you a good step conversion rate.
  3. Did you try turning off battery saver in the app and phone settings if you have it on?
  4. Did you try using Sweatcoin without a phone case on your phone?
  5. Did you check gps settings for your phone? The in-app help section has recommended settings for phones that you can change.
    -Make sure to open the app first before walking to make sure the app isn’t inactive (asleep). -Avoid stopping and going while walking with Sweatcoin since it can cause the app to sleep and it will take a few steps to track again.
    -Make sure to have your phone on you aka in your pocket.
    -Holding your phone while using Sweatcoin can cause it to not track steps or not count it as real outside steps since the phone isn’t moving around like it would in a pocket.