Steps counted on Apple Watch not recognised on IPhone


I have the same issue!


Same problem here. Tanks to Phatt.One for your valuable input. I did follow your suggested steps. Something happened: The next time the Watch app instead asked me to “Please enable MOTION Services on your iPhone”…

Close but no cigar! :rofl:


I have noticed a few people mention this issue of enabling motion services. Randomly, the past week my AW3 started showing me the same BS message. Although, To add insult to injury. It did start showing this message towards the end of an exercise session. Consequently I lost all the counted steps on the watch. Unfortunately, when I go for a trek REALLY go for a trek. Strange enough, (Touch wood). It hasn’t happened on my AW4. With the AW3 I uninstalled the Watch app and then set it to install again, restarted the phone and watch, checked the two were communicating and it has been fine ever since. Although, in all fairness, I think it is probably more down to good luck Rather than good judgement that I got it sorted :rofl:.


Actually, I now realize, Sweatcoin doesn’t show at all under location services on my phone…
Did a re-install, allowing the app to enable location services - no show.

Under “Motion & Fitness” it shows, and is selected. The same is true under “Health”, it shows with all alternatives selceted. I have toggled the switches on and off. No difference. Also disabled everything but “steps”.

Even more confusing as Sweatcoins shows in location services on the AW, but I can’t change to “allways” on the Watch itself…

Worth mentioning: My friend had the same problem with the AW-app requesting location/motion services. He found Sweatcoin under location services, selected “Always”, after that - it’s been working like a charm. For me not so much.