Steps From Using A Treadmill


Hi - anyone know if steps are counted, with a good conversion rate, using a treadmill please?


Yes. Steps are counted.


Thanks. Just weighing up options for the winter.


Yeah it’s decent that. If you go gym and on the treadmill.


I got myself a cheap treadmill off shpock a couple of years back to keep going through winter. Although back then the steps didn’t convert. With the new algorithm steps seem to track just as well on a treadmill as they do outdoors.
During The early uk lockdown, I virtually lived on the treadmill and did a few 100k plus days, nearly all steps Verified too. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Walking on treadmill has a poor sweatcoin conversion…very disappointing Screenshot_20201119-122917_Sweatcoin|243x500


Hey @aceampong
Do you regular indoor steps convert or is it just treadmill? I apologise I don’t run Sweatcoin on my Android as users may only own one app account according to the app terms of service or whatever it’s called in Sweatcoin. After reasoning that I suppose it’s best to point out I don’t work for Sweatcoin either :rofl: So don’t think I can be too much help. If it isn’t converting indoor steps at all then it may be worth checking the mobile requirements for using the indoor verification and taking a run through the in app setting instructions.
There are also a few threads here regarding the conversion and settings for Android devices.
If you read the last post, the iOS version definitely converts indoor steps, on and off the treadmill… quite well too.

Hope you can get this one sorted sooner rather than later :sunglasses::+1:t4: