Steps not converting into Coins


Getting ridiculous now. Checked all settings,all fine. Now the App/Sweatcoin owes me my RIGHTLY worked for coins…I’m owed at least 70 by now,to go along with all my previous,and regular complaints


I hope you find a solution


Well I’ve left my complaints to the NON EXISTENT customer service department,hoping they will sort the App out,give all the people with the same problems,the coins owed and an apology…but I’ve not seen any customer service team on here since about Oct last year


I’m on Android (which only converts for outdoor steps) and was having the same problem.

Another user advised me to go back to version 16.1 which I did several weeks ago. Since then I’ve only had one day which has clearly converted wrong.


Hey,great to hear youve(almost) got the problem sorted. I am still encountering a few days on and a few days off with the app. To be honest I wouldn’t know how to change to 16.1(don’t even know what it is!)
But I have a plan to write to HQ and complain about there customer service dept ( non existent) and hope to get the points I’ve missed out on through constant complaining hahaha


Hey! There was an update released within the past week which should have fixed android step conversion issues.
Sorry for the quiet support, we’ve been waiting for the update to hit so we can help people more efficiently again :slight_smile:


Quiet…you mean non existent for the past 4 months…Still no apologies for all that have missed out on updates, because you haven’t told anyone. No apologies to all the customers who have missed out on there steps not being correctly converted ( happened to me again today…28/10…made another complaint…averaging two to three times a week,and it ain’t my phone!!!)…No attempt to set things right by giving a Goodwill Gesture to those frustrated by the Glitches…The idea of the App,I support,but the Customer Service Department,should all be reprimanded,re trained,(Sacked…maybe)and the two CEO’s should be listening and demanding a better service to there customers


It could be worse, for the last 2 weeks, ZERO of my steps have converted. My GPS is fine. The last update screwed me. I have contacted support, and like you, NOTHING. I get the same copy/paste message everytime. Sweatcoin is a joke.


I feel you there…but yesterday,aftersmy complaints,i get a human being response.
And that was NO APOLOGY,NO Goodwill gesture by giving coins lost back to me or indeed any members, because they say they Can’t…more like Won’t… because its a free App…or reimbursed for the monthly membership I’m getting deducted…determined to get the best prize going…in about 5-6 years at this rate with all the Glitches!


I agree and have the same problem only not as severe. Be careful because if you criticize
Sweatcoin “support” they just delete your post.


How do you convert back to an older version?


So, I may have stumbled onto a solution. I have yet to test it, but this definitely was different with the new update. I went through and looked at the settings for the update. I found that the Permissions, the location had been set to “Only allow while using the app”. I’ve always had it set to “Allow all the time” since I rarely open up the app except towards the end of the day. I made the change and will update you if it makes a difference.!

UPDATE: This has worked so far. Im getting coins again after making this change.



How do you go back to old versions?


The instructions I was given are as follows…

Goto and search for the version you want to download and install. You may get a security warning . I ignored this message and the app installed fine. I was on v17.1 and reinstalled 16.1 and hey this works fine for me. Good luck


Imagine that, the people running a free app and attempting to make the world a better place should be sacked over a complaint about something that you don’t even pay for nor are you forced to use.

What a world we live in.


A little drastic,my comments,I know!!!
Was just conveying my disappointment in there,pretty,non existent Customer Service skills.
Everyone deserves a customer service that shows respect to there customers (paid for or not!)…
I support the App in what it’s trying to do,and will try to not complain so much!!!