Steps not converting to SC's in over a month


Since one of the latest updates in the sweatcoin app, my steps have not been converting to sweat coins. It shows my steps are approved and they are waiting to be analyzed, but from there, my steps seem to disappear. I have followed all the steps listed on the app in attempts to fix this issue but nothing has worked. Ive had this app for a couple of years now and i have never had the first problem. I really dont want to delete but this app is useless if it doesn’t work correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My phone is a Samsung Note 10+. My username is stephanie533505. Thank You!


I’ll ask guys to take a look. On Samsung on average it works excellent. Will get back tomorrow.


@danghoc @Violaine731800 please use another thread for your report Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!

I am going to remove your reports from this thread and all further reports except OP.
Thank you for your understanding.


@Stephdbg10 I am researching what went wrong with your account. Could you please answer few questions:

  1. Do you see total number of steps updated in the app?
  2. Do you see history of total steps in the app if you scroll left on the main screen
  3. Do you have GoogleFit installed? Can you open it and take a look if you can see total steps in there as well.
  4. Do you see Sweatcoin notification which count steps in your notification center? What it says?

If you can attach screenshots for all the above, that would be really helpful!
Thank you.


Im not 100% sure if i understand all of your questions, but i will attach as many pics as i can so maybe you can view the information you need. Basically, the steps never come up the way they used to ( total steps), and ever since like may 28th or somewhere around that date, none of my steps have been converted. I can go to page that shows steps awaiting analysis, and it show different step numbers but they never convert. I will send a few screenshots from the SC app as well as from my samsung health app, just showing where it is counting my steps. I also included a couple of previous days showing that nothing was converted. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thank you!


@Stephdbg10 thank you very much, this info is really helpful and valuable to us. May I ask you for a favor, could you please keep our app on your device and DO NOT delete or reinstall it for now. There will be an update later today or tomorrow which will contain more debug info which will help us to figure out your case and make it work not only for you but for other users as well :pray: Once this update is out I will write here separately and ask you to update, so we can get this debug information from your device.


@Stephdbg10 could you please install 32.0 which is out. I will monitor your account for few more days and let you know


Ok, i just installed the update. Just let me know if there is anything else you need or if there is anything i can do. Thank you for your help and i hope all of this gets smoothed out for y’all…


@Stephdbg10 sorry, it took us a while to release an update, Google didn’t allowed out release to go through :frowning: Could you please install 34.0 and let me know if it start convert your steps.

Thank you.


WooooHoooo!!! You got it going this time baby!! Thank you, thank you, thank you… I really appreciate all of your help and for your consistency in keeping me and everyone else updated. Im sure this has been a headache for you guys…I am totally impressed. You are awesome!:star_struck:


Wow, thank you for letting us know! I’ve also sent you a small appreciation in the app for your patience!


Thank you so much for the gift. Very sweet. Have a great day!:hugs:

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