Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Hey! I just checked - your conversion actually seems perfect from what I can see!
Could you please DM me the date when your conversion was poor? The last week or so seems fine!


Hi! I can see that you’re using a Huawei Device - please follow the steps on this thread to get the best possible conversion!


Well like the 20th(yesterday), I had a total of 17K steps but only 5K are converted.


Can you help me? everyday my steps doesnt get converted like first 2k not convert and then begins the conversion. This is a pyramid scheme or so what should i call this?


Tried to fix it but not working it’s not counting any of my steps



Hey - what device are you on?


Thursday 3rd of December, it’s still not working properly. Nothing from the customer service dept or you guys @khmelev @Emma @Ashton
Be nice to rectify the issues, apologize and credit missed coins due to the Apps latest Glitches. Boost 20 min section, not converting the steps properly. This morning I did a quick walk to test. I did 1460 steps, and the steps earned said 997…Still not working guys. Let’s resolve this


Hey @Seaside71 lets try to find the cause. There are two possible root reasons for this and we need to exclude one of them which we cannot fix ourselves. First of all, I encourage you to take a look at and see how bad Huawei is (and this is what we need to deal with). I will ask you to perform following actions for me (the best would be to start in the morning or before you begin your daily walking activity):

  1. Uninstall Sweatcoin
  2. Uninstall DontKillMyApp app if you have it
  3. Install both Sweatcoin and DontKillMyApp
  4. Launch Sweatcoin and log back in to your account.
  5. Adjust your device settings for Sweatcoin app and for DontKillMyApp app (from our tips or from DontKillMyApp app/website), you will need to adjust them for both apps simultaneously (this is very important!). Actual tips for Huawei which we show in our app can be found here, please follow them first:
  6. Open DontKillMyApp app start 8 hour benchmark.
  7. Do not open both apps for 8 hours.
  8. After 8 hours open DontKillMyApp take a screenshot of report and send it here alongside exact {begin} and {end} time of this experiment.

We will then compare this report with our app and internal conversion data to see any discrepancies and faults. This is going to help us to focus on right things.


@khmelev OK, cheers for that. I don’t have the Killmyapp, but will look it up, and give it a go over the weekend. Amd will get back to you guys soon


@khmelev well I downloaded the App like you suggested, and uninstalled the Sweatcoin app… Today, the 5th,your app has counted just over 24k in steps, but only counted 2k in approved steps. Ive had enough. I’d like a refund on my money for TM, as its clear there’s an issue. It worked fine on my phone in the summer, but the latest updates have killed this app, so it’s the App and not the Huawei that’s caused these issues, I think.
How do I go about quitting TM and getting my money back


Before you go, would you mind sending us screenshot of report from DontKillMyApp 8 hour benchmark you started on 5th? So we can at least understand the cause of your issue, whether it is our model or device killing the app in background.


@khmelev can’t upload the pic here, shall I send it via email?


Please, send it to email (I’ll DM) or upload to any free image service and post the link.


Once again my steps aren’t being converted like they should… I’ve walked 9000 steps and only 121 have been counted… and it has been like this for the past couple weeks…


emma, in one of your posts you mentioned that frequent manually converting steps could cause problems and while i do understand that, it’s the only way to get my steps counted and converted. i’ve tried turning on/off background refresh and also reinstalled and force quit the app to get back to normal converting but to no avail, nothing works. now with the new update/look there seems to be no way of manually converting anymore which means none of my steps will get me swc (not even if i walk more than 2000 steps) so please, i really need help.
(user: notmoving, iphone11)


I’m wondering if the conversions of steps to coins is affected by the phone’s ability to connect to a wifi or data signal. I went for a long walk in the country the other day. My phone had no signal for much of the day. I recorded over 30,000 steps but only 10,000 were converted. I usually randomly lose about 30% of my steps, which I put down to them being recorded on my watch, whilst sweatcoin only seems to recognise those which are recorded directly on my phone. On this occasion however I had my phone with me the whole time so I cannot understand why I lost so many steps, unless it relies on a constant internet connection.


Hey, it shouldn’t be affected. Accumulating steps data are not dependent on constant internet connection and we give enough time for the app to collect and send data, so you still need to connect to the internet from time to time, and it will be beneficial if once you have internet connection to just open the app. Would you mind letting us know exact date when you had 30k steps so I can take a look what went wrong?


Would you mind sending us screenshot from Health app -> Steps -> scroll down and find “Data Sources & Access” -> scroll down to section called “Data Sources” and find your iPhone in the list, click on it -> Take screenshot and send it here. Also open your wallet in the app -> Conversion History -> Take screenshot and send it here as well. If it not allows you to upload them directly here just use any free image uploading service like or


I will dig deeper at your data. At first sight I can see that you had this issue for long time, not for a few weeks.

Could you please tell us how are you using your phone:

  1. how frequently you unlock it and actually use it?
  2. do you have battery saver enabled on you phone usually?
  3. did you changed your phone’s date into date in the future or in the past ever?
  4. do you use boost, and if yes, how are you using it?
  5. have you followed all the instructions provided by this topic and/or in the app?

This will help us to figure out where to look exactly. Thank you.