Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Да попитам аз как мога да разбера


I seem to lose on average 5k of steps converting,yesterday i did 28148 steps,converted 22995


Your app won’t convert a single one of my steps. I’m walking 4-8k steps a day and not earned a single coin. Do you want to maybe update this POS so it works even a little? User name A8ustin on an iPhone 11. The only thing I’m earned coins through are the daily ads. You need to address this issue.


Interesting, the newer phones seem to have issues


The app has issues lol it literally doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. One thing. Convert steps to coins. Worthless support team, worthless app, definitely lost my business


Today, after two weeks of constant awful conversions, I’ve walked 16k in steps and only got 0.74swc
Anybody in the management team care to come contact me… The contact the creators, only gets me a BOT reply, no help.
My settings are fine, the app counts my steps fine, it’s the converting that’s the issue. And I uninstall virtually every other day… @martin874154


Hi, I am a new user and love this app to much, It’s really useful. I start to walk every day. The app counts my steps but don’t converse my step to Sweatcoins. Besides, Open 2x Boost is the same problem, step counting but no reward conversion.
Please advise or have a look on my account @minhdinh
Iam using smartphone VIVO 1935, Androi 10