Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


And here us the second image if converting for same dates


How did you do this?? Mine have not been converting for 6 months and looked like your first picture. Please let me know!!


Can you look into my sweatcoin app. My steps have not been converting for months, says 0 earned for months. My user name is ashlynelli


I have been using the app for a few days and no steps were converted only bonus ads.
My username is obada778947
Can my lost steps be refunded ?!


I used to have the same trouble with coins not counting and found a way to make them ALL count.
It’s where you place your phone. What ever you do don’t hold it or swing it. Back packet of trousers or coat pocket if it doesn’t flap too much is best. I hope this helps. You have to try different pockets to find the best results.