Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Day after day my steps do not convert. This is beyond frustrating. And it’s so random. My steps will convert one day and then not again for 3 or 4 days!
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Hi i dm you with my username an problem thank you


i still have huge problems @Emma u are hard to reach, can u please help me?


Thank you – we will look into it asap! :slight_smile:


Sorry you’re having trouble getting in touch! Where did you reach out please? If you could provide your username, we’ll happily have a look at what could be going on with your step conversion. Thank you!


My username is Bom92


Thanks! I checked your account and it seems you’ve had nearly 100% step conversion. If this isn’t the case, please can you reach out via a DM and send along some screenshots so I can show our development team the discrepancy there? Thanks!


i’m gonna hop on the bandwagon regarding unconverted steps. it’s been nearly a week now.

my username is @jonathanvogel


Hola, tengo el mismo problema que otros usuarios, desde la última actualización la app cuenta los pasos pero no los convierte sweatcoins. He probado todas las opciones recomendadas y no ha funcionado. Tengo un móvil Huawei P Smart 2019, mi usuario es @rocio2001. Saludos!!!


It seems that your conversion is okay… hmmm. Could you please show us a screenshot of the issue if this isn’t the case? Additionally, I can see that your device is still using the older version of Sweatcoin – please go to the PlayStore and update the app and see if this helps you! :slight_smile:


Hola, la última actualización de la app que instalé es del 26 de febrero. En el PlayStore no me sale ninguna actualización para instalar.


Tengo más capturas de pantalla desde el día 26 hasta hoy, hay días que dejó de contar los pasos y no aparecian en el contador, pero en pasos en espera de análisis si aparecian.


Followed all the instructions and not ONE credited step. SIck of being ripped off every day,


Day after day no steps converted!

User name BooKitten


I have the same problem. Yesterday’s steps still awaiting analysis.


Please ensure you’ve clicked on the “enable” button in the yellow card shown on your screenshot there. This should ensure you don’t have a battery saver setting from your device effecting Sweatcoin running properly in the background :slight_smile:


Iphone 6
Username: ohitsnhalenn
Done with instructions but still this happens.



Please know that the new algorithm (which includes indoor and outdoor steps) is only available to iPhone’s 7 and later at the time.

That said, your conversion here actually looks pretty good (the missing steps would most likely be those that were made indoors).

For any additional information, feel free to ask!


Hola Emma, le doy al botón amarillo y me abre unas Instrucciones que están todas en inglés.Yo no se inglés y no entiendo nada de lo que dice. Por qué no están las instrucciones en español?


Still nothing!
Today I had an indoor treadmill workout! About 5000 steps! And nothing converted. Tired…I’m pretty tired about all this round robin for an answer! It needs to be fixed.