Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


As a quick thought… are you carrying the mobile on the treadmill, or using the Apple Watch to try and convert the treadmill exercise? I apologise if you have already answered this elsewhere, A few people have mentioned that they have tried recording indoor workouts with the watch but had minimal or zero conversion when using the watch on it’s own indoors. At present, the Watch App uses the old outdoor only algorithm for verification and conversion. Even when using the iPhone 7 as the parent mobile, any steps submitted from the watch when in doors will most likely not be verified. However, if you wear the iPhone 7 on the treadmill, you should have any luck start to see some conversions.
I myself use an iPhone 7 Plus as the parent device and I alternate between the Apple Watch three and Apple Watch for you to battery life issues.
As an example, for some unknown reason yesterday I ended up going for a bit of a long stretch and ended up finishing of the day with 20k steps on the treadmill. Out of a total of 120,000 steps, I only lost 12,000 in conversion and Majority of these not verified were outdoor steps.

Please consider that I do not work for Sweatcoin, I need opinions and ideas are based on my own personal experiences and may not reflect the opinions of others.

I hope this info helps even a little :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Great question!
I do have it on me. I have pockets in my leggings


Ah, I thought it best to ask just incase.


Conversion has been working reasonably well for the last couple of weeks… and then we reached today

Connected to the internet early on in the day. 10,072 steps recorded, all but 148 went through the algorithm, and only 5,762 were approved which gave me 5.47 coins. End of day I’ve reached 26,936 steps, all but 960 went through automatically, and that gave 20,529 approved for 19.5 coins. I pushed through the last 960 and have ended on 20,588 approved for 19.55 coins. NOT a good day, and certainly NOT any way to convince me to consider upgrading IF you ever finally release the next level up.


And I’ve been diddled again today

26,251 steps recorded, but only 20,104 approved to give me 19.08 coins

I’d have understood some not being recognised before you (supposedly) started to accept indoor steps, but it’s only a tiny minority of mine that aren’t outdoors as I rarely walk around with my phone in a building - so even if we’re back to outdoors only I should get more than that.


MAJOR issues today

29,617 steps recorded
but only 7,327 approved (6.96 coins)

This really is NOT what I expect to be seeing !!!

EDIT on 13th March - And today got me 18.28 coins for 19,291 approved steps - from 26,356 steps recorded (with less than 2000 of those being indoor steps - I’d rough calculate well under that based on how many I log walking to or from work, which is a distance I can envisage).


Same issue. For the last month I’ve only received about 1/2 the coins ( or less) That I should have earned. Very frustrating- I’ve also tried all the fixes. None work
Username is Lisha218949


@Emma Hey I just got a new phone the other day and weridly my sweatcoin just stopped working the day after I got it. The first day I had my phone and installed SC it worked perfectly and then just stopped counting my steps at all. Now it just says 0 no matter what I do. I’ve done all the steps and then last resorted to emailing you guys, but it said you guys unfortunately can’t read the emails right now or something like that. I’ve had a similar issue like this before on my old phone and they told me to download this app to get my GPS thing and speed, but they never emailed me back on it, so, I took screenshots for my new phone, I hope using this information you guys can help. Thank you!

My Username is Leslieb1
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A20 (Android 9)



Still doesn’t work I am missing January, February and now March steps. When can they count?


Hi Emma,
I recently joined Sweatcoin but I am already having problems, my steps are counted but not converted. Like I get converted less than 10% of my steps.

My user is @stefano134989 and here are some screenshots.

Thanks in advance,


Click on the ‘INFO’ icon. Press force send see if that works.


Hi, thanks for the advice, but on my Nokia with Android 10 there is no force send.


If you click on the info button next to the where it shows you how many coins you’ve done for the day. It says analyse now. Press that every hour or so


Hi Emma,
For the last two days my steps are not being analysed. I have retried reinstalling the app, updates and enabling step count by clicking on the yellow button.
Help would be appreciated.


I have an iPhone 5, please post an iPhone 5 version!


Why won’t sweat coon fix my issue? I’ve emailed numerous times and still nothing. The steps on how to fix the counting of in door steps, all the missing steps from January, February, and March. When will I get all my steps counted for?


Hi Emma, ​​I followed the previous indications but they did not work, I have an iPhone 8. Coins have not been converted both yesterday and today.
What should I do?


Hey! Please try the above steps. If that doesn’t work, post your username so we can work to improve it :slight_smile:


Username: Rita Issue: Steps not converting properly on my iPhone XR. Out of 3,952 steps I received credit for 865. My Smart Watch tracked correctly. Fix recommended did not work. Will try again tomorrow. Hope the app is fixed quickly or it’s not all that useful.