Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Hello! Everything was working fine until last few days, having trouble with the conversion! (today 3700 confirmed from 13500 done), my username is schrodinger3


Ok, thank you very much


Hey - what device are you using? We’ll check this out for you :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for your answer! In the end I decided to do a total reinstall of the app and go again step by step on the advices, also, i realized I had a pending update of Google Fit, after going through that, today conversion seems back to normal! My device is an honor 6x.



I have problems with your app. I use Huawei P smart. I very carefully set all the things for the app to run smoothly but everytime I go runnig (not walking) it converts about 10 - 50% of the steps. I have tried all your steps in the settings but it still does not work. I am sending you today´s screen of my running. I ran 7km but as you can see the conversion is very bad. During running I have my mobile on my arm in a small pocket.

Once again - it happens when I go running and it does not matter what the pace is.
My nickname in Sweatcoin app is @mira103368


After trying all of the above, I still can’t figure out why my day to day steps are not working. Screenshots show yesterday (13k steps approved) to today (1.3k approved) BUT snapshots from my FIT app show similar steps taken, outside, over both days. Why is sweatcoin not approving identical step type? !
App is not being optimised or battery saved.

Edit. Apparently as a new user I can only attach one image to this post which won’t allow me to adequately demonstrate the issue I’m describing so you’re going to have to take my word for it! (or please update these settings)


Hello, my steps are not converting to sweatcoins


Good afternoon, yesterday (7th of june) I activated normally the daily boost feature, and after the 20min the app analyzed and converted 0 steps (second time it happens), losing not only the bonus but also the normal steps, since it is the only moment that the conversion fails (with the boost), it makes me think is some kind of issue with the daily boost feature.

My username is schrodinger3


Hi, 10 weeks in lockdown and my conversion was working great. First few days using the boost and all seeemed ok except it didnt convert general steps quite as well as prior to the boost whcih negated the benefit of the boost and took me longer to the the 20SWC in a day. Last 2 days have been rubbish for exactly the same routes I have been doing for 10 weeks. Why does thsi keep happening ???


Hi Emma, could you please check my account. It’s really annoying and I even have the paid subscription. My device is Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite and my username is: @oskar810663

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Hello, It looks like im having the same issue with my steps not converting. Everything was working fine up until the update toward the end of May. Ive done the suggested steps and still no luck. Any help would be great. Thank you.
Username- stephbh10
Device- Samsung Note 10+


Sorry my username is stephanie533505


Having gone through all the faq’s and scanned the forum I feel i have a problem not described by anyone else. I’ve noticed serious inconsistencies in the step conversion, the same route 1 day may get more or less 100% conversion other days like today around a 30% conversion. One thing I have noticed on several occasions that the conversion is low is whilst walking I may receive a whatsapp message or have other interaction with my phone and steps after are just wasted. The attached screenshot is this morning, I left the house with 180 steps, came back just shy of 10000 and earned just 3.7 coins. 3 days ago the exact same route earned me 8.7 coins. Thanks for your help and hello to the community!!


My steps are not converting at all except when I use my 2x boost. I think it’s the last update that caused this issue because my brother doesn’t have the latest update and his step conversion is working perfectly fine.

My username is edintagani


So after latest update I had to uninstall/reinstall to get it to work at all and now I’m back to having to shut/kill app for every daily bonus to become available, for every time I want the app to count my steps and for each and every time I wanna convert steps which has gone back to shocking conversion rate : 3042 steps counted and converted to 362 approved 0:34 coins :joy:. Oh the joys of not wanting to permanently delete sweatcoins


Your solution doesn’t work. My name account is Filippo915609. Please fix it.


Username: PrincessMaow

I went for a run this morning using the 2x bonus however I was only given credit for ~2900 out of ~7700 steps. I was outside the entire time I was running. Why is the conversion rate so poor? I have the updated version of the app as far as I can tell.


Since monday, I have a problem with my steps: none are converted into sweatcoins. I have tried all the steps and tricks you advice but it hasn’t worked: Uninstall/reinstall, rebooting my device etc. Hope you can help and resolve.
My username is Violaine731800


PrincessMaow is my user name

Again today, I only got credit for 545/3261 steps during the 2x bonus period. I have tried all of the troubleshooting on here, I am at my wit’s end. Please help!


Hello Everyone,
I’ve been using the Sweatcoin app for about a few months now, and I just yesterday I had a big problem. So I walked 13,000 steps yesterday, but the app only rewarded me with half a sweatcoin. It was analyzing the steps for hours and then today it gave me all those coins (so I didn’t get anything today). Is there anything I should do, or anyone can do to make this better?

Username @trevor998903 , device Samsung Galaxy S8
Thank you,