Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Hello! Everything was working fine until last few days, having trouble with the conversion! (today 3700 confirmed from 13500 done), my username is schrodinger3


Ok, thank you very much


Hey - what device are you using? We’ll check this out for you :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for your answer! In the end I decided to do a total reinstall of the app and go again step by step on the advices, also, i realized I had a pending update of Google Fit, after going through that, today conversion seems back to normal! My device is an honor 6x.



I have problems with your app. I use Huawei P smart. I very carefully set all the things for the app to run smoothly but everytime I go runnig (not walking) it converts about 10 - 50% of the steps. I have tried all your steps in the settings but it still does not work. I am sending you today´s screen of my running. I ran 7km but as you can see the conversion is very bad. During running I have my mobile on my arm in a small pocket.

Once again - it happens when I go running and it does not matter what the pace is.
My nickname in Sweatcoin app is @mira103368