Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


@Emma @Ashton I have been having an issue for the past week where the app is counting my steps, but zero steps are being analyzed nor converted. Please help if possible! I have an iPhone 7 and my username is pblarge, thanks in advance


Hi ,

I am a new user as well. Almost at 21000 steps and not able to have them converted.
Attached my user ID

Your help would be appreciated.


I tried using sweatcoin on my Apple Watch and it converts the steps, but my phone converts no steps when I do not use the Apple Watch


I am getting a little bit better conversion, but still only 1674/2848 steps during my boost bonus. I really used to like this app but it’s just making me sad at this point. I wanted to purchase Troublemaker, but it doesn’t seem worth the bother if my steps don’t count anyway.


Good afternoon,

I had issues after the update on 6/12/2020. My steps counted but stopped converting. The 2x Boost worked on some early days, but then it kept stuck on analyzing mode. I asked for help from support, other sites and communities. Luckily, I was able to reach out to a very nice and talented Sweatcoin developer. He took his time to look into the issue and worked with his team to resolve it.

On my iphone device, sweatcoin gets data from healthkit steps. However, the healthkit name has different name from the iphone device itself. Thus, the system thought that it was from a different device; therefore, nothing got converted. My fix was to rename my iphone device to have the same name as the HealthKit. Yesterday, everything starts to work again for me. It was also mentioned that the team is working on a hotfix to release it soon.

Thank you so much to Alex and his team. Such a wonderful developer!!!

Hope this helps.


Hi getting very frustrated with sweat coins not counting steps especially on the 2 x bonus. I have tried all of the tips above and if anything getting worse. I have no other Health apps on my phone. A couple of my follower’s having similar problems and on the verge of giving up.
eg 28/6/20 on 2 x boost i did 2634 steps only 1064 were counted , on 27/6/20 i did on boost 2535 and only 896 counted not happy at all.
Can you look into why this is happening and are you able to retrospectively reinstate this coins


Forgot to say DAVID 818166 is my username and my phone is an iPhone 11


My Username is: jazmyn94

i walked 20160 steps today but only 10612 were approved. It happened before and it’s really frustrating :triumph: i already tried the steps above


Mines stopped working completely since the 2nd of July. No contact from customer services after complaining


Hi, for a few months my steps didn’t convert, my username is Joas214840 and I am on iPhone 11
Can you check what is going on?