Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


@Emma @Ashton I have been having an issue for the past week where the app is counting my steps, but zero steps are being analyzed nor converted. Please help if possible! I have an iPhone 7 and my username is pblarge, thanks in advance


Hi ,

I am a new user as well. Almost at 21000 steps and not able to have them converted.
Attached my user ID

Your help would be appreciated.


I tried using sweatcoin on my Apple Watch and it converts the steps, but my phone converts no steps when I do not use the Apple Watch


I am getting a little bit better conversion, but still only 1674/2848 steps during my boost bonus. I really used to like this app but it’s just making me sad at this point. I wanted to purchase Troublemaker, but it doesn’t seem worth the bother if my steps don’t count anyway.


Good afternoon,

I had issues after the update on 6/12/2020. My steps counted but stopped converting. The 2x Boost worked on some early days, but then it kept stuck on analyzing mode. I asked for help from support, other sites and communities. Luckily, I was able to reach out to a very nice and talented Sweatcoin developer. He took his time to look into the issue and worked with his team to resolve it.

On my iphone device, sweatcoin gets data from healthkit steps. However, the healthkit name has different name from the iphone device itself. Thus, the system thought that it was from a different device; therefore, nothing got converted. My fix was to rename my iphone device to have the same name as the HealthKit. Yesterday, everything starts to work again for me. It was also mentioned that the team is working on a hotfix to release it soon.

Thank you so much to Alex and his team. Such a wonderful developer!!!

Hope this helps.


Hi getting very frustrated with sweat coins not counting steps especially on the 2 x bonus. I have tried all of the tips above and if anything getting worse. I have no other Health apps on my phone. A couple of my follower’s having similar problems and on the verge of giving up.
eg 28/6/20 on 2 x boost i did 2634 steps only 1064 were counted , on 27/6/20 i did on boost 2535 and only 896 counted not happy at all.
Can you look into why this is happening and are you able to retrospectively reinstate this coins


Forgot to say DAVID 818166 is my username and my phone is an iPhone 11


My Username is: jazmyn94

i walked 20160 steps today but only 10612 were approved. It happened before and it’s really frustrating :triumph: i already tried the steps above


Mines stopped working completely since the 2nd of July. No contact from customer services after complaining


Hi, for a few months my steps didn’t convert, my username is Joas214840 and I am on iPhone 11
Can you check what is going on?


We try to get as many as we can. Since I downloaded the app. I have lost my wait. And I feel great.


So i put my post up on here 26th June its now 20/7/20 and not a peep from admin or customer service . No response on email this is a very poor show.


We need ful support from our admins.


I feel you. I’ve had over three weeks of unconverted steps. And zip from the customer services depot. Apps beginning to look like a CON


Since 30th July the app stopped converting either in boost or if forced. It just gets stuck for ages. Eventually it stops but nothing is converted. The app worked flawlessly for 2 years but now nothing. It says I have over 16000 awaiting conversion. If I delete the app from my phone and reinstall it will I lose those points? i have an LG Android phone.


I’ve had this issue since the 02nd of July. They say they know there’s an issue, then do absolutely NOTHING, NO APOLOGIES NO REPLACING LOST, AND HARD EARNED Coins.
Worst customer services departments, EVER


I’m having issues with my steps even registering in the app at all?? I just downloaded the app a week or two ago and I use the apple watch 3. I just tried the steps above and will update if there is any improvement.

I am an indoor/ outdoor lifeguard at a gym and summer camp. I definitely put in a moderate to high step count on the days I work. I am constantly walking around the perimeter of the pool, running around cleaning things, etc. Today, after 7 hours at the pool, the app only counted about 750 steps, for 0.72 sweatcoins total. My apple health and activity apps, as well as every other fitness tracking app I have put me around 7,600 steps.

That is less than 10%. Completely unacceptable and definitely not what I expected from this app. Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this ASAP??


Hey Emma, I have been using the app from February of this year, past 3000 now but since the 35v install I am losing upto 75% of my coins as the app isn’t counting my steps since early July. Please fix this issue.
My daily bonus are always freezing too. I have to switch on and off for it to work and sometimes it still doesn’t work. As I said, before that version, everything was going great. The new uploads I have installed have the same issue too. I am on the Trouble-maker setting so losing so much coin is very frustrating.
My handle is @mike795682 and the phone I am on is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Thank you. : )


I’ve been active and stepping with my same Samsung watch every day. Over 1400 daily but not recognized by the aop


Hi, I seem to have trouble converting my sweatcoins when I run. It’s fine when I walk, but I updated my account to troublemaker as I run about 100miles a week and wanted to really make some headway! It seems to acknwledge the steps (as you can see from the image) but it never counts them! It’s only been since I upgraded my account. Now I earn less than before! Is there something I can do?