Steps not converting to sweatcoins


My steps are not converting to sweat coins. I walked around 3500 steps today outside and earned nothing. Also yesterday around 1000 steps, but not earning any sweat coins. I force send the steps but still nothing. How to fix this issue?


For me the force send now works most of the time. Of course there a few steps outdoors that it wont count. And when I’m walking a lot indoors it mostly ignores those steps.


Today i walked over 6000 steps outside and only 2400 counted. That doesn’t seem right.


See above and there are a bunch of others as well. Might be because of stepping too fast or too slow maybe. Bad signal. I don’t know.


And again today i have walked, so far, over 4000 steps all outside and only 1100 have counted so far. I have foced send the steps that have not gone through and out of the 1200 steps that i forced sent only 187 were actually granted. :joy::joy::joy: this is such a joke. I have great signal where i am at all the time.


Find it weird today walked 14,300steps maybe 200 intotal could be force sended over.walked with wife and kids bout 45minutes to 1hour .what am i doing wrong ?


I just signed up for an account and I’m having the same problem. This is my second day of using the app and literally none of my steps are converting to coins, and I have over 5k steps each day. This is frustrating.


Hi everyone :slight_smile: Please check out this article for help on step conversion: