Steps not recorded


Since the 30 November (Saturday) it appears the app has not recorded any steps I took. The app has been continually on in the background, but when I checked today, it showed as 0 steps converted over the last 5 days! I have deleted and reinstalled the app, but this has not changed anything. Anyone else had the same problem?


Hi @MrBlobby ! If your conversion rate is zero over multiple consecutive days, then there’s a chance that you have changed your phone’s date or time in the near past. Check out this post for more details :


Thanks for your help, Munzer, but I definitely haven’t changed the date/time recently. I have received an email back from the creators, but they just refer me to the FAQ’s, which is no help at all! I guess I’ll just have to take the loss on this one… :slightly_frowning_face:


Day 6. 9,409 steps so far today. Zero recorded, despite force pushing some… What is going on!!! Starting to get annoyed…


Hey - what device are you using?


Hi Ashton
I’ve got the iPhone XS Max.
The creators replied to the in-app query by suggesting the GPS chip was not working properly. They suggested downloading this GPS app - - which showed that the issue IS with the phone’s GPS…
Will check this with O2, my provider.

Would love to hear your thoughts, tho…


I’m having the same issue. No steps since the update. Something is off. Daily bonus is back today, was not working either. Help?

I have iPhone X


iPhone 6s Plus and the same thing happened and I reported the issue twice then gave up.


Hello @Mirai and @VETON here is a link to and old post about tips and advice to improve step conversion Step conversion tips and tricks for iPhone